Calling Rev. Stang

Subject: Re: Calling Rev. Stang
From: (NENSLO)
Date: 27 May 1995

Devan Goldstein ( wrote:
: Dear Rev. Ivan Stang:
: Given myself and my friend/partner-in-slack in Dallas, could we meet you, sit
: in on the taping of the Hour, or even be guest hosts on the Hour?

Nenslo replies: I know Stang is pretty busy this week so let me speak
for him.

Hell yes, I just know he'd love to have anybody who wants to be
on the hour of slack come over and stay at his house for a couple of days
and just hang with him. He's got lots of space and doesn't care how much
food you eat either. He'll even sleep in the den and let you have the
big bed if you and your pal sleep together. And say, if you feel like you
want to write the next Stark Fist he'll let you use his computer. Stang
is a real open kind of guy. He doesn't really care what goes into the
SubGenius stuff so basically anybody who feels like it can just send him
their stuff and he'll print it or put it on the air. Or just come see
him and hang out. It's like a big hippy house he's got, with goats and
about eight dogs and nine cats and chickens and things and a coffee table
that's always full of beer cans and wine bottles and ashtrays, and about
five TVs that none of them work right all the time but they're mostly all
on. And you can just paint right on the living room wall if you want to.
It's cool. Yeah, just drop in on him. You don't have to call.
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