Church Predictions Proved Again!

Subject: Re: Church Predictions Proved Again!
From: (Ivan Stang)
Date: 22 Nov 1994 writes:
"Read more carefully. The Anti-"Bob" is quite transparently George Bush.
I invite you to consider the new governor of Texas..."

Stang sez:
Yes, imagine living in a state where you wake up every morning and think,
"The MAJORITY of my neighbors actually VOLUNTARILY VOTED for numb-nuts
rich-kid daddy's-boy never-worked-an-honest-day George W. Bush, instead of
a nice, hard-workin' ol' 'frop-head like Ann Richards. But let's not bandy
the name of the Anti"Bob" around so cavalierly. The Anti"Bob" has yet to
show himself, probably, but we'll know Him when he does. Just as Dobbs is
the man who can sell anything, the Anti"Bob" is the man who can BUY
anything. He gets you to SELL things, TO him, whereas Dobbs only sells
things TO you. And you can resist neither. "Bob" may sell you a useless
piece of junk, but you have gained Slack because your money-energy was
transfered from you to Dobbs. With ,,oBo,, it's the opposite -- you lose
Slack because all you got from him was MONEY, mere filthy lucre, but he
made you give up something that was giving you Slack -- even if you didn't
know it was. And if he wants you to sell it, YOU WILL. Your car? You'll
sell. Your kids? No prob. Your soul? YOU'D JUST BETTER MAKE SURE THAT THAT

Incidentally, I'm horrified at how many of you people are TOO LAZY to put
the quotes on "Bob's" name. Hell, man, that was the first reflex I had to
learn. But then I'm an old man, I was the first Bobbie of all. I don't
guess I should expect you young-uns to cling to the old traditions...


Subject: Re: A traditional November 22nd Day Rant
From: (Emelio Lazardo)
Date: 26 Nov 1994

surely you wouldn't give Jeb credit for being the Anti-"Bob".. Bush
adhered to the prophecy TOO well.. (i.e. "American Dictator, now
identified as the Anti"Bob", gains popularity through military success"
and I'm paraphrasing cuz the book is beyond arm's reach) It's PAINFULLY
obvious he was TRYING to look like the Anti"Bob".. going OUT OF HIS WAY
to fit AS MANY prophecies as he could. He even fit several descriptions
of the Anti"Christ". Clearly, he was a mere mortal either trying to get
as many religions against him AS POSSIBLE, perhaps for his vanity,
perhaps to cast suspicion off the REAL diabolical messiah(s).

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