Compromise: School Prayer (SubG ARCHITECTURE)

Subject: Re: Compromise: School Prayer (SubG ARCHITECTURE)
From: William Barwell <wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>
Date: 23 Nov 1994

>wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (William Barwell) writes:"I will ask for a
>big old stone church building
>to hold SubGenius Church services and bingo games in. I want gargoyles
>too, lots of gargoyles."
>Stang sez: Yeah, no kidding -- gargoyles and Gaudi-esque flourishes added
>to some
>stupid giant art deco period building. I have my eye on the old Dr. Pepper
>bottling plant building here in Dallas. Of course it costs $Umpteen
>Zillion and I only have $5, but YOU NEVER KNOW. We certainly need a new
>Church HQ building (we just got a new one, but my damn HOUSE is in it and
>takes up most of the room) and it should be this weird combo of the
>Flintstones, the Jetsons and the Planet of the Apes set (which burned down
>a few years ago, SHUCKS). Anonymous Ft. Worth millionaires are invited to
>contribute to this effort.
>Rev. Ivan "Real Estate Mogul" Stang

I plan to win the lottery. But if I do so, any SubGenius Church
buildings i run will be in Australia. Where I will immigrate.

Many years ago, here in Houston, we had the infamous "Pagan Church".
An ancient old mansion that became the crash pad for a succession
of Hippies. It was in the Montrose area, the Houston Hippy community
neighborhood. they stopped mowing the yard after two years there was no
grass, just a bramble of trees and brush. They collected baby dolls and
baby doll heads and stuck 'em everywhere. On fence posts. hanging from
various parts of the house. Stuck on tree limbs. Very little trouble
with Jehovah's Witnesses or Avon Ladies. If I remember, there were a
few hand painted signs too, but other than the infamous "Pagan Church "
sign, I don't remember what they said. Just gibberish. After a few
years, the paint peeled off and all you had were the rotting wood signs.

Now maybe you SubGenii, can't get away with crap like this. Landladies
and neighborhood associations tend to get uppity at artistic expression.
Many neighbor hood associations will actually sue you if you were to
paint your house black and hang cow skulls all over the front of the
house. In many places a live goat sacrifice and bar-b-que will get
you in trouble with the local humane society. And we have the guts to
call ourselves a free country.

Pope Charles, SubGenius Pope Of Houston

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