Demographics of the SubGenius

By Tod A Beardsley <>
Date: 21 Feb 1995

Say...I don't suppose Stang (or anyone else) has any statistics on the
vocations of the flock of the Father Church... do they? One might
casually assume most SubGenii are either college students, college
dropouts, and midnight shift Stop-N-Rob wage earners.... but I wonder,
how close is this to the truth? How many (straight Gland count and
percentages) Subgenii might be trial lawyers, union negotiators,
servicemen, what have you.....

Mostly just out of intellectual curiosity (bred from a once-upon-a-time
sociology major, though I'm questioning more and more a perceived B.A/S
Con), but also, perchance to see a) how well the Church is
infiltrating/being infiltrated by the various tendrils of the Conspiracy,
and b) just how true the "If two SubGenii are alike, ONE MUST DIE" axiom
really is.

I, personally, am a might-be-short-lived undergrad, who's taking police
academy more and more seriously, and a registered Republican. (and tithed
my $30 no less!)
| W.W. Don Fnordlioni, Cap'n of the Fnordian Rangers |

LISTEN. And understand. is out there. It can't be bargained
with, it can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear.
And it absolutely will not stop, EVER, until you are dead.


Subject: Re: Demographics of the SubGenius
From: (RJToth)

That's a question for ad executives. We're all bozos in this pantheon.

the Rev. Rob

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