False Stangs, AOL, and alt.slack

Subject: Re: Opposing the Conspiracy
From: John P. Olinyk <clavis@pipeline.com>
Date: 14 Nov 1994

>In article <398hmr$j7n@network.ucsd.edu>
> spl@szechuan.ucsd.edu "Steve Lamont"
>> since Stang's appearance here, this froup has become incredibly
>> kiss-ass and boring -- counter to the very core tenets of the Church.
>I've been asked if this Stang is _the_ Stang, and my
>answer is that I don't care! Whoever he is, I'll judge
>him by what he writes, and not by his name.

Well, I had an exchange of email with him, and he knew of a
conversation we had weeks/months ago by mail, so I have a
feeling it is the real him. Funny, though: I could hear
screaming in the background, and when I signed off with "See
you", he responded with "I'll tear the flesh from your puny
Earthling bones, mammal!"

Weird, huh?


Subject: Re: False Stang
From: dadslack@aol.com (DADSLACK)
Date: 3 Dec 1994 23:30:15 -0500

SirWill (SirWill1@omni.voicenet.com) writes:

===Well, dig this, Daddio! I was an AOL user for 3 years. It was
===once OK. Now it sucks. Doesn't matter if it's pink or baby-
===fuckin-blue. It sucks! Why? Because I say so!

Hey, Willie, calm down. I completely agree. A[ssh]OL[e] obviously
sucks the Conspiracy's wart-covered wienie. Unless you LIKE
getting MTV logos crammed up your modem. Besides, you say so.
But I'm afraid that you, too, are missing the point. Which is:
there's a Stang impersonator around here and all any of these
"subgeniuses" hanging around in alt.false.slack can write about is
the fact that she's connected through America Online. It doesn't
matter. As for myself, if it makes you feel any better (or worse),
I'm getting a PPP connection this week. Then maybe I'll be able to
PP as well as the rest of you.

- Michael Townsend
Dad's New Slacks - WMPG 90.9 - Portland ME


Subject: Stang on AOL / alt.slack
From: M. Townsend <dadslack@aol.com>
Date: 1 Dec 1994

In article <38sh10$9db@newsbf01.news.aol.com>, subgstang1@aol.com
(SubGStang1) writes:

He writes nothing at all! You doops! Can't you see this so-called
"Stang" is an imposter? A fraud? A charlatan?

And in every thread this topic turns up, you geeks spin off into your sad
little whines about why AOL is so pink and your particular Internet
connection is so damn cool. The question here is: Stang is here? There?
Or everywhere? Truly, we may never know.

- M Townsend
Dad's New Slacks
WMPG 90.9 Portland ME


Subject: Re: Stang on AOL / alt.slack
From: dynasor@infi.net (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)

That's how we knew he was the real thing. Anyone as well versed in the
ways of "Bob" (I got it right this time) could be nothing else.

Oh, he's here. On the other hand, you are not.
dynasor@infi.net The Doctor is on.


Subject: aol.con infiltrated by elder Subs!
By Michael Townsend <mtownsend@interramp.com>
Date: 11 Dec 1994

So...Stang (supposedly), Hellswami Satellite Weavers and Sosodada are all
cavorting on AOL these days. And you thought it was all a buncha
AsshOLes! Maybe they'll start showing Dobbsheads on the "welcome"
screen, right along with the MTV/NBC/Time magazine logos. Yeah, it could
happen. And _Revelation X_ is gonna be the runaway best seller Xistmas
gift this year. And alt.slack's going to be turned into a major motion
picture (edited by Stang, of course). And X-day's not gonna come after
all. Oh, dream on my friends...
"THE PINK thinks there are rules for winning and losing;
THE SUBGENIUS knows that every rule on the Internet will be broken,
except this one. _Revelation X_ 5.58

Send tapes to Dad's New Slacks, P.O. Box 4272, Portland ME 04101-4272


Subject: Re: aol.con infiltrated by elder Subs!
From: CooterHolland@FreedomFighter
Date: 12 Dec 94

Those "supposed SubGenius Hierarchy members" are all fakes. They're just regular
techno-geeks with too much time on their hands. The CON hired them to spread
confusion on the Net. They're not really Subs at all but really a bunch of
Chicken-Shits Chingasos. Stang and Drummond are really to old farts (over 40)
that contradict everything they say. I know because I was hired by those guys
and suckered into their scam before I was rescued and deprogrammed. Mark my
all will be revealed just as I said.

Cooter, the Great Sig-less One.


Subject: Stang on AOL: we accept you, one of us...
By Rev Narada Yeti "Bo" bETI (XChrome) <xchrome@aol.com>

So WHAT if it was an embarrassing debacle. That's why we like it here,
praise "Bob". We'll pay top dollar to the One-Eyed Pyramid to pull The

Obviously, to us another $30 is nothing.

Fish On.

- Rev Narada Yeti "Bo" bETI

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