Gay Recruitment: One SubGenius' memories

By Chris Tuck <>
Date: 18 Nov 1994

All this talk of homosexual recruitment brings back fond memories of my

Do any old-timers here remember the Homosexual Recruitment Building in
Times Square ?

Ah, what a grand erection that was. The gold lame', the neon, the
eternally overflowing fountains of champaign.

What young man, confused by strange thoughts and urgings, wouldn't be
intrigued by such a place and the luxurious lifestyle it promised.

I enquired there, one day, seeking to join the Homosexual Lifestyle. I'm
afraid that I didn't "measure" up to, their demanding standards, but I did
get some lovely parting gifts.

Today, that wonderful Art Deco building is but a memory, burned down
during the Cheese Riots of the '40s and replaced with that absurd monument
to Nikoli Tesla. What a gaudy abomination, with all those sparks and the
illuminated goulash cookers.

Ah, for the good old days in New York, before the Space Monkeys replaced
everyones brains with little CIA radio sets.

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