hidden messages about "Bob" in movies

By Steve Lamont <spl@szechuan.ucsd.edu>
Date: 11 Nov 1994

bradh@armory.com "Mr. DNA" writes:
> If "bob" is everywhere, is he in the toilet?

Yes, "Bob" is indeed in the toilet. In fact, he's that big one that
slid out so easily and made a satisfying "plook" sound. "Bob" is in
that big smile on your face when you let one go. "Bob" is in the
gagging sounds that the person walking into the rest room makes when
confronted with the redolent [p]stench that rises from the Great White
Altar of Waste. "Bob" is in that big dump you just took that feels so
good that you just want to grab random passersby, shake them, and,
with a mad glistening in your eyes, share with them the ecstatic
joyfulness of a good clean bowel movement.

"Bob," however, is not in the toilet paper. That's Rush Limbaugh.


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