From: mation@aol.com (Mation)
Date: 27 Apr 1995

Watching alt.slack is like watching so many fire soap operas with
cross-referencing characters who jump from show to show adding their own
particular brand of crab-clawed surgery to what is already a gore-drenched
landscape of human (and non-human) eggzistince. What were once a bunch of
slithering amoeboid cranial out-coppers pick up sticks and gather their
time in a bag called a "post". Splattering on the wall behind your head
is the remnants of taste, grammar, spelling, syntax and all other
conspiracy operatives. Life is subjective, if looked at objectively.
Counter Balance. Blame Balance. Don't let anyone insult you...Take it
Back! Evaluating each other's subliminal, on-the-spot
discourse, crumple it up into a cyberball and throw it back and forth at
each other during the late hours (as someone will probably do to this
piece of "paper")

Well, whatever you do, HAVE FUN! Once all the fake hate is over
with, FUN is all there is my bros' and sisses.

Until it's that time..........

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