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In article <> writes:
>Marc Hershon <> writes:
>>Very clever, trying to throw us off the scent like that. But you must know
>>it won't work. We're on to you -- at least the ones with the intelligence
>>to realize what it is you're trying to cover up.
>>Better luck next time. Try posting this drivel on alt.conspiracy!
>Um...could you be a little less vague and cryptic, please Marc? Maybe I just
>don't have the "intelligence", but I have no idea what you're talking about.
>Try using some descriptive nouns and adjectives so that maybe I'll have a
>chance of actually comprehending what you're trying to say to me. Trying to
>throw you off the scent of WHAT? I must know WHAT won't work? Better luck
>next time at WHAT? Could you at least fill me in on what I'm up to, because
>I honestly don't have a clue. I thought I was just asking an honest question,
>but apparently I'm trying to throw someone off the scent of something.
> Would you mind telling me what it is???
> --John

Mr. Searcy, you have fallen victim to the Brian Paradox, so-called since its
appearance in the 1979 Terry Jones motion picture MONTY PYTHON'S LIFE OF
BRIAN. This name refers to the scene where Brian Cohen (the late Graham
Chapman) insists to the crowds that he is not the Messiah, only to be told
that only the true Messiah would deny it. When he says "All right then, I
_am_ the Messiah!" the crowd cheers.

This is an essential double-bind: if you insist you're not a spy, everyone
will accuse you of protesting too much. As Robert Anton Wilson notes in the
chapter of his book PROMETHEUS RISING which deals with the Snafu Principle:

"The very act of participating, however unwillingly, in the secret police
game -- even as victim, or citizen being monitored -- will eventually produce
all the classic symptoms of clinical paranoia...

"..This creates the situation I call Optimum SNAFU, in which every
player has rational (not neurotic) reasons for suspecting that each and all
may be trying to deceive him, gull him, con him, dupe him and generally
misinform him...

"Such is the neurosociological `logic' of a Disinformation Matrix.
It is...the logic of schizophrenia...

"The intelligence of the whole society -- the communication networks
through which information is received, decoded and transmitted -- is the
first casualty."

[(c) 1983 Robert Anton Wilson, quoted w/o permiso, please take no action
against a deposed Planetary prince and a Ladondadek Son]

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