Mo` popular than Jesus

By John Laviolette <>
Date: 26 Nov 1994 (karl mamer) writes:
> What would happen to the SubGenius faith if, suddenly, Bob became more
> popular than Jesus or the Internet. ^^^

"Bob" already IS more popular than Jesus, the Internet, and sex, all
rolled into one!

Only no one knows it!

This is "Bob"'s insidious plan. "Bob" disguises himself as ALL THE
THINGS WE KNOW AND LOVE, and the mehums WORSHIP him unbeknownst to

Go into a Catholic Church and check out the dude on the crucifix. What's
that in his mouth? And why is he SMILING?

What's that hidden in Washington's wig on the dollar bill?

And what do you suppose carries these messages around the world, eh?
"Bob"! Disguised as electrons!

One Scientologist to rule them all,
One Scientologist to find them,
One Scientologist to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them
In the land of MordOrg where the thetans lie.

----John Laviolette---------|-------His Most Feathered Eminence------|

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