NENSLO POISONED?-------------------

From: (Vita Brevis)
Date: 7 Dec 1994


Thanks to all the folks who have sent notes of support. I know if
Dr. Nenslo could see them he'd be so happy. To the rest of you who
e-mailed your questions or comments, no this is not a joke. I only wish
it were.

Right now, Nenslo's condition only seems to be getting worse.
they want to do a CAT scan and MRI, but he's gotten a lot worse over the
past few hours and they don't want to take a chance. He's on a respirator
right now and frankly doesn't look very good.

The doctors don't know what the cause is. We all thought it was
his nervous condition, because he's had a couple of collapses before but
it's never been this bad. They have found what they say looks like a
mycotoxin in his blood, and they said they only discovered it by complete
accident, a reaction with something. I don't know all the details.

A mycotoxin is a poison produced by fungus or mushrooms. There
weren't any traces of mushrooms in his digestive system, so we know he
didn't eat it. He would probably chalk it up to another of his
"assassination attempts" but he often talks about accidents and
coincidences that way. Only once has there been anything like a real
"assassination attempt" and that was just a trick played on him by
certain other SubGeniuses with a weird idea of what's funny.

Anyway, our big worry now is the hospital costs on top of what New
Realization Fellowship already owes. Many of you know Nenslo had a
collapsed lung about two years ago and he is still paying the bills for
that so we just don't know where the funds are going to come from. Most
of what will be coming from Revelation X if the publisher ever sends Stang
a check is going to be going to KDV who has his own financial concerns
with his libel suit and a recent automobile accident. Those publishers
are real quick to act when they want something from you but when it's time
for them to come through it's a different story.

As I guess you can imagine this isn't the best Holiday we've ever
had here at Master Control, and many of us can really identify with the
sentiments expressed in Nenslo's TRUE Solution, which was broadcast last
year at about this time. That will be posted in this newsgroup, and I
hope you get something positive out of it.

I know Nenslo seems awfully thorny at times and as he has said,
even his best friends hate him. That's an exaggeration of course, but He
can be real hard to take at times but then sometimes he can be so funny
and wise you just sort of fall in love with him. I guess I'm getting a
little maudlin, but things are sort of hard for us all right now.

Thanks again to all of you and we will let you know how things

For all of us at Master Control,

Vita Brevis

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