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From: (Cyber Surfer)
Date: 18 Nov 1994

"Look in the sky, what do you see?"
"Flying teapot from outer space."

Tune in to the telepathic broadcasts!

"She is the mother of everything, and _you..are..her..egg_!"
"Gong is one and one is you"


From: (SirWill1)

Darn right, Cybes, and don'tcha just _KNOW_ that those pixies are Xians?
There's no doubt in _MY_ mind that there's a definite relationship
between SubGenius and Gong spiritualities.

Throw a little Firesign Theatre into the mix and you have it all. I think
it's time to begin promoting a Papoon/Dobbs ticket for '96. Then appoint
a coupla pixies to cabinet positions and groove until X-day without
losing a moment of slack!

Didier Malherbe would make a perfect Sec'y of Agriculture.

Je veux camembert!"

/ S'Will - SubGenius ArchBishop of CandorBury \
*~ (The check's in the mail.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

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