Nubile Virgin Flesh

Subject: Nubile Virgin Flesh
From: normank@ucsu.Colorado.EDU (Kelsey Norman)
Date: 9 May 1995

Please flame me for leaving my terminal unattended.


Subject: Re: Nubile Virgin Flesh
Date: 10 May 1995

In article <3opcbq$36j@ucsu.Colorado.EDU>, normank@ucsu.Colorado.EDU
(Kelsey Norman) writes:
>Please flame me for leaving my terminal unattended.

It's not the strangeness of the message that gets me. It's the global
path. I looked at it and thought, "Now what do alt.christnet, a.s.s,
soc.culture.korean, and alt.slack have in common?" I mean, usually phone
sex ads are delivered to all of the "sex" groups and those fucking (sorry)
chain letters are delivered everywhere EXCEPT the groups that deal with
legal matters, but this one follows a pattern I cannot discern. It gives
me pause. Is this the meaning of life? Random paths that follow no logical
pattern. I hope not.

Thomas L. Bruns

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