NW SubGyetimen?

From Dobe F. Doin <dobe@eskimo.com>

If it wasn't fer this here net- thingy-macallit- bob, I would
miss the closeness of the hot breath of YETI Keep doin' it. Say, there
ary other clenches out here in the wilds of Northwest Territories?

Say, if "Bob" (*) were writing this, would you let Bhagwans be
Bhagwans? Be alive there. Time is short! Boring is not SLACK!

the char: | = a symbol of the Living "Bob".

Not a 1 or an l, the |, you know? what you put in front of MORE
in DOS? Pipe this, MOFO. Oops sorry, that was a past life. Forgot when I
was for a second. I'm badder now.


"Can we get along here?" dobe@eskimo.com

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