Ode to Jeffrey Dahmer

By Nicole C. Michaud <ncm5662@is2.nyu.edu>
Date: 2 Dec 1994

As you may or my not know, Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to death by fellow
inmates earlier this week. This is actually quite sad. Dahmer took it
upon himself to help the Subgenii without even knowing it himself. He
didn't just kill normals, like a regular boring old serial killer- he
preyed upon them.
Now, you may think that he went too far or might have actually
gotten a SubGenius by accident- But Dahmer picked at least a few of his
victims up in the Grand Avenue Mall in downtown Milwaukee... now I can
personally vouch for the fact that there are no Subgenii at this place,
at least not since I moved out of Wisconsin.
So, when you have a spare moment, remember Ole' Jeff for all the
good things he did for us. We'll miss ya, big guy.


Subject: Re: Ode to Jeffrey Dahmer
From: nenslo@teleport.com (NENSLO)
Date: 4 Dec 1994

I hate to break this to you, but...KILLING HUMANS IS NOT ANY KIND
OF "ACCOMPLISHMENT." Any IDIOT can kill someone, and the more of an
idiot one is, the more likely one is to kill someone. The True Yeti know
that humans are our SERVANTS and I see no reason to be grateful to anyone
who kills WILLING DRUDGES who exist to do the GRUNT-WORK Mighty Yetis
refuse to dirty their furry palms with.

I find that most of the people who idolize or extol killers are
either NOT STUPID ENOUGH or TOO GUTLESS to actually kill people the way
they wish they could.

or kill ME.

NENSLO nenslo@teleport.com

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