Subject: Re: PHILO? IS DAT YOU, BOY??
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 94

> SubGStang1 ( wrote:
> : They guy said, "You all suck, (snip) eat a
> : bag of shit and just shut the fuck up or we may have to come and chew on
> : your brain stem (snip)
> : it you dumb bastard.."ETC.
> : I think this is really Philo. He has hundreds of accounts; it could easily
> : be him. I think it's YOU, Philo.
> : Stang
> Let me first say to all who have been dealing with this...this is not
> Philo...nonononononono..I am Royster Oyster the Insane Fish...

snip, snip, snip

> prepuberty type of message...IT IS A MESSAGE OF OUTRAGE..TARGETED AT THOSE
> POWER...NAMELY..."The Whiners.."
> Have a nice day and do not eat any of that veggie chili...argh..BLAH,BLAH,


Stang -- You never cease to amaze me with you unbelievable powers of
perception. Yep, you're right...You saw right through my flimsy attempt to fool
you guys. THAT WAS ME!! But now I'm just ME...KING PHILO I.

But I'll keep trying...So you keep guessing.

--Philosticus Drummondii Rex EYIEYIEYIEYIEYIEYIEYIYEI...He Said, Larynx
Finger Strummingly.

PS. This stupid newsreader won't let me post this cool rebuttal/credit=taking
response because there was more referenced text than new text. BUT THAT'S THE
WAY I WANTED IT. Now I'll have to keep typing text here just so I can try to
get this damn thang posted. Can you imagine that? Here I'll try again...Nope,
not yet guess I'll just keep perambulating mindlessly... which is, of course, a
ZEN technique I picked up in Kuala Lampur from a snotty-nosed street guru. OK,
now let's try again...Nope,


Subject: Re: PHILO? IS DAT YOU, BOY??
From: (Roy Carlton)


You must beware that you do not become to farctate with this knowledge...its
sort of like smoking too much frop at one sitting and then indulging in
eating mass amounts of Cornish game does not wash..son!

The knowledge that is present is one of the ages...the significant of that
pipe...that ghoulish grin...that all knowing eye movement..."Bob" knew..
It was I believe in Ivanians 4:6 that "Bob" said,"You stupid sots..go foreword
and be more than I..can't you do anything right, Stupid?"

Or maybe it was Valdreezians 9-1+6 where the female aspect of "Bob"... "Bobra"
spoke up and said, "while some may think a pipe is unwomanly..I have had no
complaints from the sexual partners I have had.."

My friends..I look to you because you seem to be of the enlightened...the
mere fact that you are here among the virtual hitchhikers guide to the
galaxy version of internet...well..that says right there you have something
on the noodle besides 5 gallons of water..

The point have to go out there and slap the bastards out of the
superhypno trance that the dread conspiracy has put on these poor
bastards...not even talking of the pinks...

I have dealt with these Pink sucking bobbies..and while theyre overall try at
being more or less genius than sub is mildly amusing...they always seem to
fall back into the machinery of said conspiracy..mucking around in the
matamose..playing in the putrid spunk pool..or..for lack of a better
term...being once again devoured by the so-called Combine..

You have the slap the bastards upside the head to knock them out of the
trance...I find a good knock with an enchanted Shalaleigh does the
trick..<to order enchanted shalaleighs...leave mail...right now bargain
rates for used ones for only $25..> They come out of the trance and you have
to hose the bastards down or they try to eat theyre own spleens in a weird
mystical dance..

Just long as this country has the ability to shrug off the
mind controlling vibes sent out by that moron Edwin Meese...then...there is

I have already made preparations for the inevitable..I have packed my
suitcase with frop and I have packed my towel just in case there is

Have a nice day...and don't drink the barley...its rude.

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