Pied A Terre - New York City

Subject: Re: Pied A Terre - New York City
From: dynasor@infi.net (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)
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Tardis (rgavelis@oeb.harvard.edu) wrote:
: > >Furnished garden studio apartment, full kitchen, near Soho, cable TV,
: > phone,
: > >quiet, private, shower, sleeps 4. $550 weekly. Cal for photos at (212)
: > >228-6475.
: > >
: > >
: > What the fuck does an apartment available for rent have to do with
: > celebrity gossip? And why did you cross-post this on alt.celebrities
: > and alt.slack?
: >

: > Jeff

: Maybe it's the apartment Pat Boone rented while recording his new album?
: He sublet it from David Geffen after Keanu had to leave for Canada to do
: the "Hamlet" thing.

It's the apartment where the body parts are hidden. There's a big lock on
the door. It's only opened late at night when he sneaks in to cover the
pieces with more dry ice to keep the smell down.

I TOLD him and TOLD him to take the pieces out one at a time and toss them
in a dumpster, but would he listen? HELL no. Just wait til it gets warn and
the roaches come out. They'll be trying to get in under the door, and
that'll be SURE to tip off the cops.

dynasor@infi.net The Doctor is on.

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