Subject: Re: RANT-O-MATIC v.1.0 BETA
From: pdb1981@is.nyu.edu (Patrick D. Bernardo)
Date: 26 Mar 1995

Doktor BoogieDown (bdb@shadow.net) wrote:
: Over on alt.slack.binaries you will find the first beta release of the
: Rant-O-Matic by Doktor BoogieDown. All the info you need is in the post,
: and in the README.TXT file in the archive. This is only the DOS version,
: ports to other OS's will be forthcoming throughout the beta testing
: cycle.

Much Praise to Doktor BoogieDown!

I fed some of this post-modernist philosophy that I have to read into the
rant-o-matic and this is what I got. The last two lines are WEIRD all too

I think its a sign...

Participation behind a market bank presupposes a radioactive division
of labor as well as a heretic to drink oneself. The result is
an estrangement from the mug of one's own demigod, a
fragmentation of sickly hand and a separation of the malignant
meaning of the process of sinner from the objective lazy
evaluation of the religion. A icon screws precisely through
its ability to shout religion, book and insane dollar.

the bat

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