Recommended Reading

Subject: Re: Recommended Reading
From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)
Date: 2 May 1995

On Tue. May 2, 1995, told All:

nc> Nenslo disagrees:
> On the contrary, please ALWAYS ask permission before crossposting
> etc., because some people's idea of things they KNOW we should see is
> a fifty-page Dianetics text we wouldn't even read if it were on paper
> right in front of us, or a lame exchange of pseudo-witticisms from
> university compudroids. Crossposting every damn thing that looks like
> somebody else might ever want to read it is what has filled alt.slack
> up useless garbage. If people care about something enough to want to
> read it let them go look for it. I think if we DESERVE to know about
> something then we WILL know about it. Our friend has told us where
> to look. Let it go at that.

Reposts would be more appropriate. They would provide us with the chance
to go find the thing elsewhere. The threads evolving from crossposts are
an annoyance.

Are we to be APHIDS, waiting beneath the surface for the ants to FALL INTO
OUR TRAP? Nay, we are Yeti. We should be STOMPING across the netscape,
INVADING such places, and LEAVING the carcasses behind to ROT. And then we
can come back here and enjoy a little friendly banter and relax with some

* 2qwk! 1.26b3 * Spelling checkers at maximum! Fire!

-- The Doctor is on.

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