Slack thought for the day

By Zoogz Rift (The Liquid Moamo) <IDGHTMS@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU>
Date: 07 May 1995

Rev.Moamosan sez:

This world is like a rubber band, wound too tight.

We must CUT the rubber band! That would solve everything.

I thank you for your time.

(Buy a fucking PromoPak, bobdammit!!! My 9 wives and 18 children are
starving! I need a new Lexus! SEND $20 (and don't give me any crap that
you CAN'T AFFORD IT--"BOB" is watching and JUDGING your LYING ASS!)
IMMEDIATELY TO: Zoogz Rift c/o KOTP, PO Box 18765, Encino, CA 91416-8765
and I'll get one out to you right away.)

I thank you for your check.

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