SURVEY: Religion on the Internet

Subject: Re: SURVEY: Religion on the Internet
From: (Doktor BoogieDown) (John Laviolette) wrote:
>John Laviolette ( wrote:
>: I went ahead and responded to this, and said I was a Pnatheist
>: SubGenius.
>It's late, and I'm tired, but I *SWEAR* I didn't type "Pnatheist"...

I thought I'd burn up some bandwidth with this, the entirety of my
answer is posted below.


>1) Name, Age, Occupation, Geographic location, Religious affiliation

Brian D. Bisson, 26, Computer Deprogrammer, Miami FL, Doktor of the SubGenius

>2) How would you rate your religious participation apart from the Internet
>(1-10, inactive to active)?


>3) How long have you been following religion-related newsgroups? If/when you
>started participating actively, why?

For about a year, because it is a great outlet for communiexcremeditation.

>4) How many religion-related newsgroups do you read? (Optional: List your top
>five most-read religion-related newsgroups.)

One. There is only one.

>5) On which newsgroup did you find this survey?


>6) What do you hope to contribute or gain in your newsgroups?
> a) Advice/Spiritual Guidance
> b) Information
> c) Debate
> d) Other (Explain.)

d). (Time Control)

>7) Do you use the 'net as a substitute for traditional news media (i.e.
>radio, TV, newspapers/magazines)? Why?

Traditional news media are tools of the Conspiracy and the right-wing
fundamentalists (be they Democans or Republicrats).

>8) Do you think the traditional news media does a good job covering religion?

Not from where I'm sitting.

>9) Do you take ideas from the 'net for in-person religious discussions?

Only if the planets are aligned just so, and my supply of newt isn't running

>10) What do you think of "flaming" on the 'net? Do you think people misuse or
>abuse the 'net?

They do as they see fit.

>11) Do you think your religion or faith is perceived accurately on line?

It's perceived as others want to perceive it.

>12) Have your views changed because of discussions on line? How?

Yes, they've gotten stronger.

>13) Do you trust religious texts transmitted on line? Why or why not?

Our online discussions are a constant wave-pool of online anit-dogma.

>14) Anything else you want to say?

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