Uma Thurman's Ears

Subject: Re: Uma Thurman's Ears
From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)
Newsgroups: alt.cult-movies,alt.slack
Date: 27 Apr 1995

In article <3n7js7$>, (John
P. Olinyk) wrote:
> In <> writes:
> >I think we should all follow the suggestion
> >recently posted and write about
> >Uma Thurman's ears instead of her tits.
> >
> >Feminists are very, very sensitive
> >and since they always speak kindly
> >and sensitively about men
> >to avoid hurting male feelings,
> >men owe it to them to show the same
> >sensitivity.
> >
> >No more about Uma's tits. Let's
> >just discuss how great her ears
> >are. I consider them almost
> >as fabulous as Madonna's ears,
> >or even the legendary Jane
> >Russell ears of long, long ago...
> >
> Yes, Uma's ears are nice, but I think the pouting, subtle tumescence of
> her vulva is especially fetching.

Ah, but there is no more sublime feeling than to plunge one's Tool of the
Preacher* into the pouting, subtle tumescence of her freshly trepaned


* No, the TONGUE, you filthy-minded people!


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