virus wanted

Subject: Re: virus wanted
From: (Jason L. Eriksen)
Date: 8 Apr 1995

DickUnix ( wrote:
: anyone know of any ftp sites that have viruses (benign) to cause havoc
: with computers without really damaging them unless someone is really
: annoying or posts things like this to alt. slack?

YetiZone carries a full line of encrypting and non-encrypting poly-
morphic virii (over 5000 in all) that are freely available via the
Internet. There's even a section of Slack virii (including The "Bob", and

To have access to the collection, you need to apply for membership.
Write to Reverend Kludge asking to be granted access to the virii collection.
He's the postmaster at YetiZone. His address is: postmaster@

Unless he's really busy, expect a response within 24 hours.

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