Where's Ivan?

By Rev. Reid Twang <dekay@onramp.net>
Date: 9 Jan 1995

What happened to Ivan? Does anybody know which provider he picked?
Rev. Reid Twang We can help.
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From: Ivan Stang <subgstang1@aol.com>

I'm back. Only been a week and a half. By the way, that's "REVEREND STANG,"
if you don't mind. Been very busy... uh, lolling about on vacation, yeah,
that's it. Hanging out on the beach, betting at the races. Doing the casino
thing all night with Co...uh, "Candy" and "Nelly". The usual.

But that's still REVEREND Stang to you. We like to keep things formal
around here.


Muff Divin' Ivan

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