whining about stuff

By Roy Carlton <roy@ripco.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 1994

You all suck, you fucking really piss me off, all you people do is whine
whine whine whine whine...whine about how you gotta work tomorrow, whine
about how you don't have enough money to by that Porsche...shut the fuck up,
you dumbass cock knockers...we don't take kindly to you passing off that
kind of gas round these parts you potato eating motherfuckers...so eat a
bag of shit and just shut the fuck up or we may have to come and chew on
your brain stem if you know what I mean we know how to deal with this kind
of thing, we have dealt with it before and they have not made any attempt at
trying to call us on it..you want it...we'll drop the big turd right in your
lap while your eating you piece of rotten fish smelling shit-brain moron got
his finger up his ass and his nose at the same time dimwit geek!!!

I don't know...maybe you don't understand what I'm trying to tell you...but
I don;'t care either...if you can't read between the lines, you fucking
loser, I'm not gonna hold your hand while you read this...go eat some crap
and shut the hell up...theres a pile of your smelly fecal matter, go roll in
it you dumb bastard..

Hello from Chi-town!!

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