Witnessin' for the faith

By Gilmore <gilmore@en.com>
Date: 17 Apr 1995

Ever found yourself unexpectedly doing what a Christian might call
"witnessing" for "Bob"?

The other day I was chatting with a friend of mine, who happened to see
the Book on my coffee table and started asking me about it. Of course
the first thing I told her was to send her damn $30, but before long I
found myself hunched forward in my chair, chain-smoking and waxing poetic
in my earnestness to explain the glorious whole that we know as "Slack".

My usual impulse in these situations is to make some snide comment and
blow off the would-be SubG, but in this case I think I musta got a good
whiff of Yeti blood from her pstench; she seemed interested. Kept
laughing and saying "Hell YEAH!"

Anyway, it amused me to see someone slowly becoming aware of their
Yeti-nature. One of those situations that grabs you by the back of the
head and slams you face-first into the brick wall question: Is this just
a joke?

On the other hand, maybe I was just hoping to con her into some SexHurt.
And hey, that would have been worth it too!

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