Akashic FTP

by Rev. Ganglia

Date: Tue, 7 Mar 1995 1

I work a dayjob in an industrial-medical lab. Machines
surround me with monotonous pulsing sounds as they siphon
body fluids from testtubes and perform automatic analyses.
The machines put me into a trance state every morning
with their repetitive clicks, whirrings, and drones.
These states are especially strong after I have done my
hermetic grep meditation excercises in the morning before work.


One morning I read part of the BOS after my meditation,
and after arriving at work and hanging around the machines
for a few hours, I noticed an increased intensity
in the peripheral striations of my aura. The machines
hit just the right vibration and caused an auric 'augmentation'
which resulted in me resonating at the same frequency
as the 'akashic ftp portal'. I had read about the portal
in 'occult' internet books, but never visited it.

A gut-feeling confirmed that I was 'on-line', as
spiralling scroll shaped 'documents' flooded new
information into my consciousness with numbing sensations
of tingling static. I also had a peculiar deja-vu
mixed with the idea that eventually this type of
access would be an easy thing for me to do whenever
I wanted. Luckily I was able to maintain composure
in front of my co-workers.


A subconscious mechanism silently guided me to
a particular directory. I remember sifting through
[or *me being *sifted through*] 'filters' and
'branches' and 'bundles' of media that looked
like tendrils combined with pages of old books. The walls
of the 'library' looked like the inside of the
egg spaceship in the movie Alien, except more
benign and colorful. I could understand 'coded'
files. I sensed there was a particular striation
in my aura that functioned as an automatic
decoder/zip program in the etheric-bioplasma
ftp link. This 'link' was somehow strengthened by
the machines' pulses and allowed me to
maintain conscious integrity and peruse coded
subdirectores. Then the machines ran out of
testtubes, stopped 'pulsing' and I 'fell'
off-line. It had taken about 20 seconds.

Two 'files' of interest about 'Bob' came in
fuzzily before the link terminated. I attribute
receiving this information due to the 'priming'
that I had undergone from my morning reading
of the BOS. A lot of noise came in also, but
I 'saw' enough to hastily scribble down the
paraphrased fragments below during my coffee break. Of
course they could be lies. Any [?] means I'm not
sure if that is the right word. A [-] means
I couldn't 'see' the word. Btw, I noticed
these 'data packets' are filed as 'reports.' I could
not see who the reporter's name was.

File: 'WHORE.333'

'Bob' and his sex pranks with prostitutes.
One of his favorite excuses[?] was to go out,
fuck whores, blast their chakras when he got to
the 'vortex titillation point', thus
'redeeming'[?] them, or go to innocent jaded
suburbanite swing parties and leave with a typical
old sugar daddy voyeur and his young do-me wife.
'Bob' would execute a [?] trick and invoke
333 into the big [-] wave, thus transforming
the guy's wife forever. In the case of prostitutes,
'Bob' would give them a residue effect
that would follow them around like a sex-meme,
nailing every John the prostitute contacted
from then on. 'Bob' preferred the shake-up attack
on the humdrum swinger couple because
the couple usually slept together in the
same house. This increased the [-] factor, which
is what he was after[?]. To 'Bob' this
was 'Doing God's Work'.



This technique originally designed by 'Bob'
is now common practice with deviant chaos
magickians and people that 'cum' on the
internet. Special 'packets'[?] only
readable/absorbable[?] by certain tribes
bored with their own exclusivity are
magnetically attracted to specific
physical ftp loci. These downloaded 'surprise'
demon astral virus sigil decompression
mines will still be good for a future
laugh somewhere for some unsuspecting jaded netwreck.
That is, until a few years pass and
the carrier[?] starts demanding payment.

IRC hypnosis[?][long---section][-]tunnel
[---]background[?]. 'Bob' became bored with these
tactics, although the techniques are now
being accessed by others. [?] [-] his favorite
common-targets are the 'retreaters' who flee
debris shooting off from the great spinning
flying top.



'Bob' has been involved with secret voodoo
in the music industry.The witchcraft evocation
rooms common in record companies where
repeat sales demons are placed on recording
media have been infiltrated-hired-used[?]
by 'Bob' for a [--] motive.

The characteristic impressionability of the
peripheral human mind has been successfully
exploited by the popular music industry in order to
fill and collect[?] trust fund mojo bags of emotional energy.

subdir: DEMON.TECH

The demon on the recording helps the listener
evoke an emotional response from his own astral
matrix. The song is used as a vector. Sedation and
seduction are a major part of the demon's
confidence front, which it uses in order to get
past the human's judgement/defenses.

Once the demon gets into the peripheral mind,
he sets up a tape loop[?] which typically
contains the 'hook' or most inane part of the song.
More complex demons can actively select the
'hook' part of the song for installation based
on the human's emotional responses. Most demons
are not 'complex' or triple-staged[?] in the
pop music industry. They are manufactured
to install only one specific loop, regardless
of what the human responds to. The complex demons
are specifically used by [-] groups.

The demon-loop causes the human to 'pay'
emotional credit-homages[?] to the loop so that
their emotional energy is poured into a 'trust fund'
which the demon attempts to sequester and keep intact.

'Bob' has been reported as collecting/stealing[?]
these trust fund bags and using them for various
purposes, most of them unknown. He has been
seen soaking his shag in it, using the 'goo'[?]
for some sort of protection against malignant
rays in the neitherworld[?], and using the
substance for an astral-etheric fusion reactor
bomb, in order to rupture/shutdown[?] a node
on the backbone[?]. He was also seen rolling
around in it while fucking some hermaphroditic
multi-breasted tentacle alien.

It should be noted that 'Bob' prefers specific
trust funds. He hovers around the 'mainstream'
underground record owners the most. The records
in question are musical groups that have just
enough 'cool' rebel front vibe to stimulate
a certain flavor of emotional response,
yet a response that has no conscious soul energy,
so that the emotions the humans release
into the mojo trust fund bag has a certain
escapist retarded 'taint' to it. This 'taint'[?]
allows for easy reprogramming since the person who
originally emanated it did not program it that
specifically in the first place. It is a buyer's market.

received by Rev. Ganglia


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