Re: What goes up the Butt?

From: (father of thurses 3)
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Subject: Date: Sat, 01 Jun 96

In article <>, (Pee Kitty) wrote:
"John Blackmer ( wrote:
": This week I was trying to take a shit in one of those outhouses that has
": only three walls, and I saw on of those prong-ear rabbits hopping by with
": thousands of worms coming out of it's butt, and they were twisting in a
sort of
": propeller motion which lifted the rabbit rather high into the air with
": every hop. There was also an eagle flying low under the trees, and it was
": kind of distracted by looking at a mouse that it was about to swoop down
": on, so when the rabbit leapt its ears went up the eagle's butt and the
": prongs got caught. The eagle was very perturbed by this and started
": flapping and squawking around trying to stay airborne while the rabbit
": kicked and also tried to get free. All this ruckus startled a snake that
": was sleeping on the branch of a tree above, and it fell down and landed
": with its head up the butt of the rabbit, and the beak of the eagle up its
": little snake butt. This knocked the trio out of the air and they began
": squirming about on the ground like some obscene chimera. Now my friend
": Malekai was feeding the goats and saw this happening, and Malachi feels
": it is his sacred duty to piss on any odd natural phenomenon he comes
": upon. So he walked over to the chimera and started taking down his pants
": to take a pee. When his boyfriend Josh saw this, he thought Malachi was
": trying to get the chimera to suck his dick, and he got real jealous. He
": grabbed one of the goats by the legs, walked over to where Malachi was
": getting ready to pee, swung the goat at him, and impaled him up the butt
": with the goat's horns, knocking him on top of the chimera just as he was
": starting to pee. His head went through the hole created by the triplicate
": ouroboros and into the butt of a Burrow-owl who had just emerged feet
": first from its den, and his pee went all over them all including Josh.
": This made Josh real mad, and he started taking down his pants to make
": Malachi suck his dick as payment. There was a bunch of horny old men
": standing over by the fence, who had been watching Josh and Malachi's firm
": young muscular bodies as they fed the goats, and when they saw Josh take
": his pants down they lost all control. They started running over there
": lickety split and making catcalls and breathin' heavy, but they were so
": horny they weren't watching where they were going, and they tripped and
": fell over sticks and roots and rocks, and landed each with his dick, head
": arms and legs each up a different person's butt, all in a pile on top of
": Malachi and Josh and all the animals.
": Then they just lay there confused, all groaning and twitching and looking
": a giant machine made out of arms and legs and butts, and I just couldn't
": help myself. I started laughing and I couldn't stop. I laughed and
": laughed till I thought I would choke on my own tongue sitting there on
": the shitter. I laughed so hard I farted the biggest fart I ever laid. And
": I don't know exactly what happened, the fart must have caused a chain
": reaction with all the old moldering composty shit down there that hadn't
": been turned over in months, because it blew up.
": The impact blew all the composted gas in the whole shitter up into my
": asshole, making me bloated like a sumo wrestler for a moment and my
": asshole wide as a cavern. It also knocked me clean off the seat and into
": the air, spun me around and landed me on top of the whole pile, ass
": cheeks so wide the whole thing went up my ass, with only the goat's legs
": sticking out.
": Short mountain is many miles from any phone or hospital, and I wouldn't
": fit in the car anymore, so I had to walk the whole way to the hospital
": using the goat's legs like some modern version of a butt-centaur. It was
": the most traumatic, painful and embarassing experience of my whole life.
": Yours sincerely,
": Daedalus Damocletian QPM
"FUCKING STOP IT! We only have enough room for ONE STERNO! If you're gonna
"keep this up, you two have to duel it out. Period.

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