The Tale of the Pink

By MiJoGe
the slackful jamaican

There once was a PINK who always dreamed
of being something greater.

One day while starring out the window of his 15th floor
office, he noticed the Sun.

He thought to himself how wonderful it would be to be
the Sun, and splat-tuey, he became the Sun.

He enjoyed this existence, radiating light upon the world
until one day a storm cloud came and blocked him out from
the earth.

He then thought that a cloud is more powerful than the sun,
and wished he was thus.
spat-tuey, he became a dark and nemessing pink-storm cloud.

He enjoyed this existence as a cloud, raging thunder and lightning
on all the animals and vegetation, until one day
he encountered a mysterious plant.

This plant was resistant to all that the cloud could muster,
and the cloud then thought that it would truly be wonderful
to be a frop plant.

spat-tuey, the pink-cloud then became a pink-frop plant.
He grew his roots in deep, and sprouted many strong branches
with abbundant frop-foilage, and truly thought that this
was the greatest existance a soul could desire.

Until one day, "Bob" approached this peculiar pink-frop
plant, proceeded to rip the fucker out of the ground,
shove some of the oozing pink shit in his pipe, and
Inhaled Deeply.

"Bob" later acknowledged that that pink-frop was some
of the best shit he ever smoked.

Such was the tale of the PINK.

the slackful jamaican
Baylor College of Medicine


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