Subliminals in Autodesk Program

Subject: Behind the scenes...
From: (Byron Jacquot)

...I have found evidence of the use of SubGenius code in a popular
graphics application.

While rendering a complex scene in Autodesk's 3D Stidio, I read the
status messages it displayed. Normally they go too fast to see in simple
scenes, but things were complex enough that I had a chance to read a
couple that could genetically link our computers with MWOWM. The first
of these messages was "TRANSFORMING NORMALS." I have no ideas about how
many normals exist within a computer, or how they got there (they arent
spying on me, are they?), but it sure makes fast work of them. The other
message zips right by, usually impossible to see, "CREATING X-MAP." We
are being tracked even now, three years before the arrival! They will be
able to find us when they arrive! Halleleujah! Praise "Bob"!



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