Definitions of bob

Subject: An alternative bob

From: (Pope Everyman)
Date: 29 Dec 1994

Cooter Holland has caused me to re-examine my belief systems. So I
turned to the one book that holds the greatest truth I know of and I
looked therein for Bob/"Bob"/bob and this is what I found:

Bob: (Bell-ringing) A term used by change-ringers to denote certain
changes in the workings of the methods by which long peals of changes
are produced.

Treble bob is a method in which the the bells, and more especially
the 'Treble', have a dodging course.

A bob minor is rung upon six bells,

A bob triple upon seven,

A bob major upon eight,

A bob royal upon ten and

A bob maximus upon twelve.

At Eton, a boy who devotes himself to land sports (cricket, football, etc)
is a dry-bob while a boy who devotes himself to boating is a wet-bob.

Also a bob is a smart (but not weighty) blow. A punch that doesn't draw
blood. The word was used in this sense in early times to describe the
blows that Jesus received from the Romans.

As a verb, bob also means to fish for eels.

Ah, Coooter! I've been such a fool!
Arch-Epopt of the Exploding Head of John F. Kennedy and Luv Priest to the Gods!
My skull is bigger on the inside than the outside! J.R. "Bob" Dobbs is my load.
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