The Brag & Doug Smith

From: (NENSLO)
Date: 13 Dec 1994

SubGStang1 ( wrote:

: NOTE: "Doug Smith" was this poor sold-out Conspiracy asshole who swept our
: floors for awhile and ripped off the "Brag" from Rudy Ray Moore and a
: dozen apocryphal Texas cowboy braggarts.

I met Doug Smith at Boston Bobalon and he told me he was Rev.
Ivan Stang, but when Stang showed up Smith took off and didn't show up
again until the party at Bleepo & j-Hova 10's house in Slummerville. He
pulled a gland-handing palsy-walsy trip on me and acted like he didn't
know what I was talking about. He was an ugly little weasel too,
hunched over chinless 4-eyed pockmarked geek with BO and bad breath.
Drank real hard and passed out under the kitchen table at about Ten
O'clock, and about midnight I saw Sterno had him up on the roof
threatening to throw him off and a couple of people trying to stop him.
I guess they must have.

Then a while after that I heard from him agin, he wrot trying to
borrow money. I heard he got knifed to death in Juarez, is that true?
Anybody know?


Subject: Re: The Brag
From: (127 House)

Well, when I was at Boston Bobalon I saw Nenslo at the film festival, but
the post-assassination Nenslo said he wasn't there. I guess this is the
same Nenslo who didn't give me a ride... somewhere... and who wore a
bandana and worked at a furniture store.

My big Stang freak out was going to the SubGenius Foundation for the
first time. This guy was driving the shuttle to the SubG tower... looked
a little familiar, then I almost wet my pants when I saw those eyes in
the rear view mirror -- they were those weird eyes on the
'CYNISACRELIGION' poster that drew me in in the first place!

Nobody's seen Onan for about two years, but that's going to change soon.



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