Where the Cleveland Cyberweenies for "Bob" Meet

From: ljduchez@en.com (Lou DuChez)

Something odd here. In Cleveland, there's a small Unix Internet system
called ExchangeNET that's only $20/month; there's maybe only 60 members
total on the system, but at least FOUR of them are Subs by persuasion.
(Only one of these Yetis has, to my knowledge, been enticed to join
ExchangeNET by another ExchangeNET Sub.) I've seen THREE of them post
here to alt.slack; the fourth hasn't posted yet, but she probably will.
That's close to a 10% RECOGNIZED SubGenius ratio, which is pretty amazingly
high. Has this board been touched in a special way by "Bob"? Perhaps our
chemical-laden bodies of water (like the Cuyahoga River, the one that
caught on fire in the '70s) have something to do with it. Perhaps the
literal salt mines below Lake Erie are actually a Dero staging base, and
ExchangeNET is one of "Bob"'s beach heads. But it's all highly suspicious.

SubGenii in Cleveland! Contact ExchangeNET, where $20 / month
gets you access to the whole bleeding Superhighway! Unix-based system.
An astounding number of Subs "coincidentally" do Internet through
ExchangeNET. For info, E-Mail to: info@en.com


If it ain't broke, Break it!


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