Yacatisma at Disney World

From: ricky@nerix.nerdc.ufl.edu (St. Ain-Soph)
Date: 8 May 1995

My SO and I drove to Orlando Saturday for a day-trip.

Visited several Disney Attractions.

In TOMORROWLAND, there is a 360-degree-surround-screen movie
about "transportation" -- it features a TIME-TRAVELING camera
named "Nine-Eye" -- there's this robot at the front who introduces
"Nine-Eye" -- he repeats the name frequently -- it SOUNDS LIKE
"NHGH" almost.

There's a diagram of the "Nine-Eye" camera on dispaly where you
enter -- a THERMAL TRANSBOBBULATOR is one of the key components!

"Nine-Eye" is POWERED by YACATISMA! It's all RIGHT THERE on the

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Subject: Re: Yacatisma at Disney World
From: i.stang@metronet.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)
Date: 10 May 1995

I can explain this, but I can't. I know why and how it's there, but due to
the nature of the company and the individual involved, I CANNOT TELL YOU.
In the Main Archive here is a color xerox of that diagram.

As seen in Tomorrowland:


1. Background Cosmic Yacatisma Energy Field stimulates Synchronetic
Oscillations in Yacatisma Collecto-Receptor Coil."

Note that the diagram refers to Yacatisma, or "Yists," the all-mechano
aliens who feed on DEATH and PAIN, rather than the Yacatizma, the
background Slackfield of the Universe, which is probably what the author
meant. The author IS operating here on alt.slack, incidentally.

I also have a second diagram which was produced for the same display, but
was not used. This one demonstrates "SYSTEM FLOW" and traces the "flow"
through these components:

Navigational Perifocus
Trans-Mellenium Remote Control Receiver
Navigational Directo-Bearing Reference
JANOR Device
Motivational Interpolator
Spectroscopic Skizzoid
To Transport Drive/Thruster Cluster

Hmm... maybe that chart did make it to Disneyland, as it mentions the

I'm glad that I had an opportunity to share this classic
infestation/infiltration with the SubGenii, although for obvious reasons
we cannot give credit to the perp.

An aside: here's a handy way to distinguish between Yacatisma and
Yacatizma for spelling purposes. The Yacatisma, the evil star-eating robot
race, may be thought of as hissSSSSSing like SSSSnakes. The Yacatizma,
the Slack-imbued "aether" of the Universe (actually the minuscule
Slack-particles BETWEEN the Pain Fields -- the INTERSTICES), may be
thought of as PEACEFUL and COSMICALLY CALM to the point of being
snoozZZZZZZZZe-inducing. "Ahhh, Yacatizma... ZZZZZZZzzzz" "Oh no,
Yacatisma! HiSSSSSSSSSS!"

Thank you.

Rev. Doktor Stang

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