Dobbs Recordings

From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)
Newsgroups: alt.slack

John Searcy <> wrote:

> Say, are there any known audio recordings of Dobbs? I've noticed that there
> are those supposed video recordings of Dobbs on the Arise video, so I was
> wondering if there are any recordings capturing the actual voice of the
> living Master of Slack (maybe made using Wellmanized tapes or something like
> that). I realize that the aura surrounding Dobbs would normally probably
> garble any recordings, butif you can get crystal clear video recordings
> like that of his death on Arise, then it's not unthinkable that one might
> get crystal clear audio recordings, using the right equipment. Somehow I
> doubt that there are, though. Hmmmm...that WAS Dobbs on the Arise video,
> wasn't it???
> --John

There are PLENTY of recordings of Dobbs -- old radio spots, dictation
memos, family recordings, even an extremely rare 45 rpm record of "Bob"
Dobbs and the Doo-Wops. But we cannot release any of these for very simple
security reasons. Were agents of the Con, or rival cults, or overeager
Bobbies to obtain VOICEPRINTS of Dobbs from these tapes, they would have
access to his secret Fortress of Solitude, his rumpus room, even his
mother in law's swimming pool den. Not to mention YOUR ADDRESS and even
some of your THOUGHTS, if they were able to start up one of the Xist
headsets! So it's for YOUR OWN GOOD that we don't go broadcasting that
stuff hither and yon on THE HOUR OF SLACK and media barrage tapes. Dobbs
has trouble with keys, and Gordon set up an elaborate system of
Dobbsvoice-activated locks and failsafes.

Due to the extremely low resolution of old optical soundtracks on film
prints, we can allow the continued distribution of a few B-movies in which
Dobbs played bit parts in the late 1950s. He rarely had speaking roles,
however, and when he did, he so often forgot his lines that most of these
sequences are dubbed by another actor's voice.


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