Attention SubGenius Drummers!

From: (Byron Jacquot)

The following is an advertisement found in Modern
Drummer Magazine. It quite obviously threatens us, and they know too
much to let this pass unacknowleged:

Mainline sticks conform to standards of weight, pitch, balance,
straightness and durability that leave the competition in splinters. Our
patent pending composite sticks play, feel and look like wood but last
longer. Ask for the PINK sticks at your local dealer.

Mainline, 837 Sandhill Ave, Carson, CA 90746."

And in tiny tetters that only the most paranoid of us would notice:"The Pink
color is a trademark of MAINLINE."

Can you believe it? They've trademarked PINKNESS! To be pink, you have
the pay these buggers a royalty. On one hand this might up church
membership, but on the other it might send droves of the wrong people
into our fold. Are we gonna let them get away with this?

Also, notice the references to the "competition" and their "splinter" groups.

In the meantime, I suggest that all Doktor/drummer types use sawed off


Subject: Re: Attention SubGenius Drummers!
From: (Peter Harris) (Byron Jacquot) writes:

>In the meantime, I suggest that all Doktor/drummer types use sawed off

C'mon, you mean PICKAXE HANDLES don't you ?
Don't just beat a drum, beat the HELL out of it.


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