"Bob" sighted in computer game

From: KMXJ19A@prodigy.com (RALPH ELWELL )

In a recent advertisement I received from Mark Williams Company
regarding programs for their Coherent System (UNIX clone), there
is a listing for their game 'svb' whose description is 'Roam a
skyscraper, collect slack, and avoid the falling Bob's'. The
falling Bob's in the picture of the game are icons of our leader "Bob"
complete with pipe in fairly low detail. Don't know if one of their
progammers is a SubGenii, probably not, as they left off the quotes.

Rev. Ralph Elwell (having just received my packet)


Subject: Re: "Bob" sighted in computer game
From: ghsst6+@pitt.edu (Geoffrey H Spear)

i'm pretty sure the X-windows version of this game (which has been
around for at least 4 years, since that's the first time i played
it) does use the quotes. i'm also pretty sure that it wasn't written
for any unix clone distribution, and that they're taking advantage
of the fact that it's free to make it look like they wrote it or
Geoff Spear |"And whenever rn sees your .signature
ghsst6+@pitt.edu | it'll rmgroup alt.slack as well! Yay!"
http://www.pitt.edu/~ghsst6/ | - Kibo


Subject: Re: "Bob" sighted in computer game
From: ljduchez@en.com (Lou DuChez)

Yeah, I asked them about that, and I guess it's an old game that's been
roaming around Unix for a long time, and most people don't understand
the significance. In any event, I can't play it because I don't have
enough RAM to run X-Windows under Coherent. But that's the Con for you:
to experience this little bit of "Bob"ness, you have to upgrade your
machine, only to realize (months later) that the game really has nothing
to do with "Bob", it just uses his countenance and a buzzword. And
somewhere, the space bankers are laughing ...


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