GORP-- The Truth About Trail Mix

From: clavis@phantom.com (Grand Clavister)

zakk william zinn (doktor@draco.unm.edu) wrote:
: nelsoneri@urvax.urich.edu wrote:
: : is trail mix
: : sorta
: : peanuts
: : m&m's
: : pretzels
: : raisins
: : whatever else is lying about on the kitchen floor

: I was under the impression that it was a guy who commonly farts in the
: water and bites the bubbles; silly me.

No, no: Trail Mix is the less successful brother of early-country star
Tom Mix. Trail (real first name: Julius) sang legitimate and accurate but
commercialy inviolable ditties like "Fucked my Horse after he got Shot"
and "Injun Brains taste like Chicken to me" and the almost-legendary
"After being Lost in the Desert for 3 days, You'd eat your own shit,

Famus. You bet.



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