Job (I need one.)

From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)
Date: 27 May 1995 (Matthew Carey) wrote:

> Anybody give me a job? I'm good at a lot of stuff. Except job interviews.

Man. This was posted a week ago and not one follow-up. Well, Rev. Carey,
you're always welcome to come work here for "Bob". It'll only cost you
about $2/hour. That's what Vreedees and I figured our pay for REVELATION X
came to so far -- NEGATIVE $2 AN HOUR. It would have been 25 cents an hour
but we were losing $2.25 an hour by being prevented from doing all those
BETTER jobs we were offered.

Hell, Dobbs made Philo give up his foreskin, his face and the whole right
side of his North Brain to work for DobbsCo. We're LUCKY by comparison.

That Cheery "Aways Look at the Bright Side" Rev. Stang.

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