Lynch: SubGenius or Pink?

From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)
Date: 17 May 1995 (MICHELLE HASS) wrote:

> This is a question for Rev. Ivan Stang...
> I have been wondering about this since Twin Peaks first aired.
> Is David Lynch One Of Us, or is he a Pinkboy agent?
> Wow, Bob, Wow....
> The Highly Irreverend Hell Kitty

Well, now that it's two weeks later and I finally find this thread at the
top of 987 POSTS (!!!), I can answer your question. (I haven't yet read
the 15 posts that followed your question -- that should be interesting. I
wonder what tangent it'll REALLY be about.)

David Lynch the movie director has not made any contact with The SubGenius
Foundation unles it was under an assumed name. As far as I know, the fact
that the main "villain" is named Bob was not a conscious tip of the hat to
"Bob" by Lynch. I have no DOUBT that the name was used as a result of
wanted to see that REALLY COOL SOUNDBITE were made available for THE HOUR
OF SLACK radio shows. TWIN PEAKS certainly provided quite a few of those,
my personal favorite being (as bespake by "Mike," the demon inhabiting the
one-armed man):

"He is Bob
Eager for fun.
He wears a smile.
Everybody run!"

The Canadian Jackass Who Would Be "Bob," Bob Dean, tells people that Lynch
based ALL the names in Twin Peaks on Bob Dean and his friends. I'm quite
serious. I understand that Dean interviewed Lynch at some point in the
past and claimed to Lynch that he, Dean, was the creator of The Church of
the SubGenius.

Doesn't that just thrill you.

But he was probably blowing smoke up the wrong pipe with THAT story, too.

When Twin Peaks was on, it really helped draw my family together. We never
missed an episode and sometimes played tapes of it back to better
investigate the "vision" and "dream" scenes. We had long discussions about
who we thought might be Bob, etc etc. I thought the last season got pretty
silly, but all in all it was a MIRACLE that it was ever produced in the
first place.

I think David Lynch is a GREAT filmmaker and I'm VERY JEALOUS of him. I do
wish the original 12-hour cut of DUNE was available.

And I wish DEVO had gotten to do the soundtrack music for that. They were
considered, but Dino de Laurentis thought their sample demo wasn't "BIG"
sounding enough.

I wish I could tell you some more spectacular story behind all this, but
even if there was one, Dobbs' close association with the Black Lodge would
prevent me telling.

Rev. Stang

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MegaFisTemple Lodge of People's Covenant Church of the
Wrath of Dobbs Yeti, Resurrected / The SubGenius Foundation,Inc.
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Subject: Re: Lynch: Subgenius or Pink?
From: (David Lynch)

John P. Olinyk ( wrote:

: Man called Hopper. Man called Dennis. Man like that die fast.

OK. "Blue Velvet" AND "Apocalypse Now" justify Hopper's continued
existance. Barely.

: the Grand Clavister
: (who say he like Hopper. Man class up even a shitty movie like Mario
: Bros.)

"I'm a bad-ass, man! I'll kill you, man, fuck you up, man! I'll kill you,
man! I'm a one note piece of shit, man! I'm responsible for "Chasers",
man! Lawrence Tierney, Robert Michum kick my sorry ass, and they old, old
men, man! I got the range of Dolph Lungren, man!"

Oh, and Clavis?

S P E E D.



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