Weird Names

From: (Elisabeth Higgins)
Date: 10 Jan 1995 (Joe Rumsey) writes:

>Andrew Bulhak ( wrote:
>>Apparently, there was a case a few years ago in Brazil where a
>>connoisseur of quality cinema decided to name his son "Rambo". The
>>courts prohibited this, as there's a law against giving children
>>ridiculous names in Brazil.
> Well, then I won't move to Brazil, for I plan to name my first child
>(male or female) Yohohoanda Bottleof Rumsey.

Whilst I was pregnant, I told everyone that I was going to name the baby
"Gamarrah" if it was a boy and "Mothra" if it was a girl.

They believed me. Almost everyone tried to talk me out of it.

Genesis: Light! A he! A rib!

(PS: His name is "Hair Trigger Ovens," SO THERE!)


Subject: Re: Weird Names
From: (Dave Discher)

A friend has a son named Bevin John Nyarlathotep Dunlevy. (That's what it
says on the birth certificate.)

#!/usr/local/bin/dwim Who says it's good good good to be alive?
# Dave Fischer It ain't no good, it's a perpetual dive. -R Hell


Subject: Re: Weird Names
From: (Carlos May)

I used to work in an office where I found the file of someone named
"Rancifer Pighat". Fortunately, there's no law against ridiculous
names here in Louisiana.

froggy (that's Lousianain for "Tabelionato Civil")


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