DEVO trashed by "Nirvana" twits

From: (Nicole C. Michaud)

While idly flipping through a really stupid newspaper forced upon college
students called "U. Magazine", I noticed an article that discussed the
new hip trend of 80's retro. Basically, the tone was like, "Turn off yer
mind and groove on those silly eighties tunes, man". Which, in itself, I
couldn't care less about. Most of the music from any era is vapid in its
own way.


They had the nerve to say that people generally dont "put on a Devo
record...and honestly say to ourselves, 'Now that's some deeply poignant,
allarmingly intellectual song writing'." HA. Anyway, I'm not going to
argue anything about what a blitheringly FOOLISH statement that is, but
what REALLY insults me is that later in the article, the writer implies
that NIRVANA, of all damned things, is somehow more meaningful.
BAsically, it says, even if you listen to this music, "it doesn't mean
you can't listen to Nirvana."

This pretence at intellectualism is what KILLED any hint of
alternativeness in "alternative" music. It represents a CRUSHING PINKNESS
to demean the slackfulness of Devo by lumping them in with the rest of
the crap of the 80's, as well as trying to put them down in comparison to

Send hate mail to :
(Figures they'd be on AOL, don't it?)

Include name, phone, school and year (if any), and permission to reprint,
if you want them to consider printing it.


Yours in incensed righteousness,

UBERMistress Rev. Nickie


Subject: Re: DEVO trashed by "Nirvana" twits
From: (sphinx drummond) (Nicole C. Michaud) writes:

Not your fault but I got a swollen itchin' brain reading your post

I can't imagine what lack of creative mentality the writer of the
article must posess. Mayhaps it was an assignment and the author had no
choice of subject but to even include mere mention of Devo in such lame
context is unconscionable.

Next time I'm around the UT campus I'll look for a stack of those rags,
I'll grab a whole stack and find the closest garbage recepticle to throw
'em in. Seems thats where they belong anyway.

Next issue will probably be a story on the ABC's of Grunge.
Or one of those "Report Card of the Nineties" pieces of crap.

Col. Sphinx Drummond


Subject: Re: DEVO trashed by "Nirvana" twits
From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)

: True story: just as this thread appeared on my screen, my headphones were
: screaming at me at top volume to Eliminate the Ninnies and the Twits.

: Problem is, we gotta PUT them somewhere. Anyone got storage area?

The cargo holds of the X-ist saucers will carry a couple billion, I think.
Strictly for internal consumption, you understand. They've got a BIG
compactor to get them all in there.

And if you're good, you can have some grey matter.

-- The Doctor is on.


Subject: Re: DEVO trashed by "Nirvana" twits
From: (Doktor BoogieDown) (MONTYKINS@DELPHI.COM) wrote:
>True story: just as this thread appeared on my screen, my headphones were
>screaming at me at top volume to Eliminate the Ninnies and the Twits.

Well, I must admit, the 90's are responsible for a few good things. A trend
in music to get away from the "human" and more to the "yeti" side of things.
For example, techno, ambient, trance, hard trance, breakbeat. These music
styles depart from anything human, putting it all to computers and machines
to make the noise, to generate the thunder, to push the consciousness
envelope beyond the "norm". It one of the few things I've enjoyed about the
last 5 years.

TV advertisements (commercials) are also departing from "human" contact. More
and more, you see blipverts and flashes and logos and soundbytes and chaos,
not some actor saying, "I used to love THAT, but after I tried THIS, I


Semper Dobbs,
Doktor BoogieDown


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