From: i.stang@metronet.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)
Date: 15 Jun 1995

ap944@lafn.org (Zoogz Rift) wrote:

> I just like the idea of another thread with this title. Kind of
> gives alt.slack some balance, don't you think?
> --Zoogz
> p.s. I'm a very Positiv guy, you know...

I went to a Positivland concert once. The "Janor" was in top form and just
stood there going on and on about where his car keys MIGHT be, while the
"Sterno" emptied drawer after drawer of silverware onto the stage floor
while reciting the alphabet. The "Snavely" was running some kind of
sampler that took mutterings from the audience and looped them with echo
over the speakers REAL LOUD. The "Gene Splice" painted himself with
phosphorus and that act was considered the "bass track." The "Martin "Big
Smoke" Pitts" ran a cement mixer that somehow created "tunes" by pouring
varying volumes of concrete to splat on the audience 8 feet below. They
even had a Dobbshead painted on the drum set. Gerald Ford was in town and
jammed with them too, playing straight accoustic guitar sort of flamenco
style. If anybody has a bootleg of that show, I'd trade you my Beefheart
in Dallas for it.


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Subject: Re: Positivland
From: mtownsend@interramp.com (Michael Townsend)


Don't you know that's the name of Greg Ginn's "appropriation of
Negativland" project that he touts on the pages they give him in _Fair

Of course, that was written over half a year ago and the CD he tells us to
send him $12 for has never been made...

But of course you know all about this. Please tell us a story about how
Greg Ginn fucked you over, too, Uncle Zoogie?

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Subject: Re: Positivland
From: i.stang@metronet.com (Rev. Ivan Stang)

ap944@lafn.org (Zoogz Rift) wrote:

> There's not much to tell. People think celebrities are all rich. Of
> course, that's bullshit. I've put out 30 albums, and I'm still broke
> because I won't suck corporate dick. After I put out a whole bunch
> of great music for SST, they've NEVER PAID ME A PENNY OF MY ROYALTIES.
> Now they're out of business, and I'll NEVER see that money.
> Instead, I'll remain in relative obscurity and poverty, and have a bunch
> of douchebags resent me because I'm so aggressive in my internet self-
> promotion.
> I need a new record deal, a label willing to shell out a few thousand
> bucks to finance the recording of my latest album project, FIVE BILLION
> PINHEADS CAN'T BE WRONG. But I won't work for FREE anymore--I'm not
> 20 with naive high asperations--I'm 41, jaded, tired, and I know better.
> Which is WHY I'll probably never get to put out another album, ever
> again.
> Reality, boy. It really SUCKS.
> --Zoogz

This sounds kind of... huh-huh... FAMILIAR. Zoogz' prediction is PROBABLY
true. However, I HAVE A DREAM. I have a dream in which all unforgiveably
brilliant composers and multi-media artists who were ESCHEWED by the
Conspiracy, SHUNNED by the mainstream, and FUCKED even by the underground
mavens of coolness, yet who SOMEHOW STILL maintained some modicum of faith
in Dobbs, or at least a righteous HATRED of him for LETTING THEM DOWN,
will COME TOGETHER to create that one single 10,000-set series of audio
OF THAT is so inspiring even to humans that it sells enough that we all
get paid more than $4.50 an hour.

And I was just about to add a whole lot more bullshit philosophy to that,
when I realized that to do so would be WASTING PRECIOUS TIME better spent
actually DOING what I was fantasizing about, so I am now going to SIGN OFF
ALT.SLACK and ALL MY EMAIL again, with IMPUNITY, in order to get crackin'
on this Web/Fist/CD that we've been signifying about for months.

I want so badly to have time to just sit here and spew out personal rants
and capture the great rants by others, but GOD DAMN IT, it's up to ME,
practically speaking, to preserve and properly encapsulate and display
what MIGHTY CHEST-BEATINGS we have all done so far, ALREADY, so I guess
it's time again to knuckle down and glorify the dead past in order to SELL
the glorious future to the next generation. AGAIN. Man. Life would
certainly be less complicated if I worked for some ad agency. But they
didn't want to talk to someone without a degree, so I guess my only
recourse is to continue trying to overthrow ALL CONSPIRACY "SANITY" and
replace it with Slackful, intuitive RATIONALIST SECULAR HUMANIST BUSINESS

Yeah... they thought Lenin was just another loudmouth nerd with a few
friends. Well, Lenin WAS an asshole whining have-not who happened to be in
the right place at the right time to DIVERT what could have been Russia's
Golden Age under an enlightened if wishy-washy Tsar, and instead set in
motion THROUGH HIS DOPEY FANZINE a sequence of events which culminated in
the killing of 60 million human beings by Stalin. FINE. If that's what
They want repeated in the U.S. during these last few moments before X-Day,
FINE. We'll certainly be ALL TOO GLAD to oblige.

((Stang now swears off alt.slack so that he can go on to more artistically
organized things, knowing full well all the time that it's just a ruse to
trick himself into thinking he has enough time to fuck with getting all
that cool FIST shit together, AGAIN, THIS TIME, and to fool himself into
thinking alt.slack WON'T continue to be the premeire SubGenius means of
expression which he might MISS OUT ON if he quits for half a second,
AIEEEEE!!!! ((Stock footage shot of something exploding)))


Subject: Re: Positivland
From: gunther@bga.com (Joe Newman)

Maybe you should switch to decaf! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

-Shitty Asshole

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