NEW RAVE SubG article!

From: (John P. Olinyk)

WOW! The Dec. issue of New RAVE magazine (on newsstands and dead Mongols
now!) has a six-page article about the Church of the SubGenius. Rev.
Stang mentioned it, and he wasn't kidding when he said that Rev. Suzie
the Floozy was LOOO-kin' GOOD!

Ooooo.... MAMA!

Anyhoo, it's a decent article, even if the sacred address... wait, let me
check... nope, the sacred PO Box is nowhere listed. Shit.

Plus, that red-head bag of Shit "Carrot-Top" is also in there. Just
seeing his picture makes me want to take a potato-peeler and... and...

Whew. Never mind. Those of you who have never seen a picture of Rev.
Stang can do so now. Two of them. PLUS the never-before-seen cover of
Revelation X: The Bobapocryphon!!!

Nice touch on the cover, if you think about it. The first cover (S&S: the
McH one don't count) had "Bob" floating around a Heaven-like cloud
formation. This one has... well, heh heh, buy it and SEE!!


HMGNHGMHNGH!!! Newmyn's Nose!!!

Hope piss yelps.


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