Shakespeare's Rivals -- Great Movie Quotes

Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995


Did you ever dance with the devil
in the pale moonlight?
-- Batman

He meddled in the domain of God.
-- Bride of the Monster

Every time you hear a bell ring, that means an angel
just got his wings
-- It's a Wonderful Life

Only bad witches are ugly.
-- The Wizard of Oz

Treat him like a mushroom. Keep him in the dark
and feed him on shit.
-- Air America

The earth came out of the sun...
so we all came out of the sun....
-- The Magnificent Ambersons

Can I study plastic surgery through
a correspondence school?
-- Falling Down

Ain't life a motherfucker?
-- An Innocent Man

The guilty all talk like that.
-- The Trial

How did I lose the late, great ME?
-- On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

You see -- your stupid human brains!
Stupid, stupid, stupid!
-- Plan 9 From Outher Space

Wait -- I hear something ticking.
-- Touch of Evil

There isn't enough for two laughs.
-- The Third Man

You never know what's going on down there.
You think you do, but you don't
-- Chinatown

Tell me about the rabbits, George.
-- Ofice and Men

I want you to put me in your pocket.
-- Dead Reckoning

Sometimes happy endings happen.
even to those who don't believe in them.
-- Wolf

Money makes people predictable.
Nothing will ever make them reliable.
-- Tequila Sunrise

There's not a lot of point.
-- Kafka

I never
--- Dracula

People loved the form but were
frightened by the content.
-- Old Gringo

Mother of Mercy, is this the end of Little Ceasar?
-- Little Ceaser

Sometimes irony can be awfully ironic.
-- Airplane II: The Sequel

It's alive! It's alive! It's alive! It's alive! It's alive!
-- Frankenstein

And take your cold companion with you!
-- Arsenic and Old Lace

You look up....You see it ...You try to scream....
-- King Kong

Sur-prise, mother-fucker!
-- The Friends of Eddie Coyle

He did too much LDS back in the '60s.
-- Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

That is so incredible I believe it.
-- Charade

I don't like anybody touching my igneous rocks either.
--What's Up, Doc?

Because -- all of a sudden I went totally Gay!
--Bringing Up Baby

Your path will be thorny, Lawrence Talbot, my son.
-- The Wolf Man

People will say we're in love.
-- State Fair

What I had in mind was boxing the compass.
-- Charley Varick

People will say we're in love.
--Silence of the Lambs

The higher I go, the crookeder it gets!
-- Godfather III

A magician is just an actor, he said..... just an actor,
pretending to be a magician.
-- F For Fake

You have shot off my claw, but I will grow another
one and come back tomorrow!
-- Attack of the Crab Monsters



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Subject: Shakespeare's Rivals


Don't worry, I'm only kidding -- not!
-- Truth or Dare

Gort, Klaatu barada nikto.
-- The Day the Earth Stood Still

I was just marking my territory
and you got in the way.
-- Wolf

So back we go to these questions --
friendship, character, ethics.
-- Miller's Crossing

You are beautiful in your wrath,
O woman of the Tartars.
-- Genghiz Khan

The scoops are coming. Clear the area.
I repeat: the scoops are coming.
-- Soylant Green

What's this shit? There's nothing here but money!
-- The In-Laws

"Maybe" is a thin reed to hang your
whole life on, but it's all we've got.
-- Hannah and Her Sisters

You were engaged to that fuck-monster?!
-- Peter's Friends

I can live without God,
but not without painting.
-- Vincent and Theo

You haven't really had a blow job
until you've had one from a superior officer.
-- A Few Good Men

What if there is no tomorrow?
There wasn't any today.
-- Groundhog's Day

If I can heal, I can also afflict.
-- Black Magic

I love dead, hate living.
-- Bride of Frankenstein

I am going to convert a missionary!
-- The Bitter Tea of General Yen

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