Mistaken Spelling of SubGenious

Subject: Sub-words [was Re: The Internet Doesn't Exist, It's All On Some Guy's Computer]
From: clavis@ix.netcom.com (the Grand Clavister )
Date: 22 May 1995

"E.S. InterGalactic, ESQ." <kabrin@icon.net> writes:

> There is no Internet. It is all a BOB computer

No. I call myself "SubGenius". "Subgenious" would probably be an
adjective meaning "having a small productive capacity".

Some other words mistakenly mistaken for "SubGenius". Note that all of
them can be used, ironically, to describe (whether accurately or
sarcastically) at least one True SubGenius:

subfusk - duskish; moderately dark; brownish; tawny.
subgum - designating any of various Chinese or Chinese-American dishes,
as chow mein, prepared with water chestnuts, mushrooms, etc.
suberine - a waxy or fatty substance contained in cork.
subdeb - a girl in the years just preceding her debut into society.
subdolous - sly; crafty; cunning; artful; deceitful.
subhumerate - to carry by placing on one's shoulders.
subimago - in the development of insects, an incomplete winged state
between the pupa and the imago in which the insect is able to fly but
has to shed another skin.
subahdar - a native who had a rank equivalent to captain in the British
subaud - to understand or supply (the necessary words) mentally when an
ellipsis occurs.
suborn - to get or bring about through bribery or other illegal methods.
subsultus - in medicine, a starting, twitching or convulsive motion.
subtend - to extend under; to be opposite to; as, each side of a
triangle subtends the opposite angle.

Let's hope there is no more confusion.

Now let's pray.

the Grand Clavister
(who knows a good thing when he subvocalizes it)

s i g


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