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From: "David Oaks (CHRP)" <chrp@efn.org>

Rumor Control:

It is stated below that this grandiose event has zero links
to the Church of the SubGenius, but that wasn't quite
true. You see, the folks in TX know about this action,
and I -- as one of the HealNorm leaders -- am indeed an
official member of the Church.

However, I am involved in a most remarkable heresy,
having stumbled on the Origins of the Church in
subverting normality. In a miracle, I have been
plunged into hopefulness, social change, and desire
to unite with you and billions in revolution.

They say you'd have to be really crazy to believe that...

start DENDRITE neurotransmit 23.nonorm
madness network news 3 March 1995
from Support Coalition <chrp@efn.org> -- PLEASE REDISTRIBUTE

ACTION: Unite via Internet to "Heal Newt" by April 1, 1995!

Support Coalition invites *you* to join Lily Tomlin, Paul Krassner,
Mother Zosima, Wavy Gravy, Rev. Chumleigh in the free, global. . .

* H E A L N O R M A L I T Y N A T U R A L L Y C A M P A I G N ! *

Support Coalition, an international alliance of 30 grassroots groups in
the "psychiatric survivors liberation movement," announces it accepts
a most difficult dare: Heal Newt Gingrich of his so-called "normality"!

A new Internet mailing list, HEALNORM, insists you subscribe now (for
free), to prepare cyberspace to emit an April Fools Day simultaneous
pulse to heal all normality on Earth, starting with Newt.

Playing right into your hands, Newt Gringrich has warned that, "The
Counterculture is trying to drive normal people to *madness*!" The
HEALNORM mailing list challenges you to, "Do your part!"

Why link up with certified "lunatics" on a grandiose adventure? Says
Paul Krassner, author and counterculture hero for four decades, "It
sounds like fun. It ain't no risk. The decision of what's normal and
what's not is arbitrary. The bottom line is freedom!"

Party wherever you are on or off Earth, from now until Saturday Night,
April Fools Day. On the high holy day itself, HEALNORM subscribers can
connect LIVE with other partying Internuts, via a special Internet link
donated & staffed by the Eugene Free Net. "We will transform Earth into
a lab -- a virtual Norm-a-thon -- in a desperate search for a cure for
so-called 'normality,'" said David Oaks, Support Coalition co-coordinator.

Leading the globe will be a live event in San Francisco. The 17th
Annual St. Stupid's Day Parade & Sock Exchange starts at noon at
the "pointy" TransAmerica Tower, saunters and smirks up Columbus to an
event/performance in Washington Square Park.

The Cuckoo's Nest headquarters of this chaos-fact will of course
be in Eugene, Oregon, USA where at least four events will be held,
climaxing 8:30 pm to 2 am at the WOW Hall for an annual benefit bash.

Just (1) join the HEALNORM list, then (2) add *your* party, prank,
parade, or poultry-worship to the mix! And of course (3) tie a sock
on your arm in solidarity with others tying socks on their arms!

As Howie the Harp put it in his song, be "Crazy & Proud!"



Oh, no, no. This is actually led by *OFFICIALLY* diagnosed "psychotics."
Really! Accept no substitutes. Support Coalition has zero links to
Scientology. This isn't even a Church of the SubGenius event -- they're
too normal to care! Support Coalition is as grassroots as it gets!

So who's behind this?

For 25 years, in the family of social change movements, there's been an
aunt up in the attic who's been scheming, but who other activists
usually ignore: The psychiatric survivors liberation movement, or "mad
lib." For five years, Support Coalition has united some of the key, action-
oriented, independent groups who oppose *forced* psychiatry. The
media has called Support Coalition the "Greenpeace of mental health."
The voice of Support Coalition is the 'zine, _Dendron News_.

Another, more "serious" Support Coalition campaign is to ZAP BACK
against *forced* electroshock. That's right, in the U.S. and
internationally more and more people are getting "E.C.T." against their
expressed wishes. "We say fry rice, not brains!" explains Janet Foner,
Support Coalition co-coordinator, and author of "Ten Warning Signs of
Normality" (available via the HEALNORM mailing list).

You can join 13 celebrated countercultural leaders who personally

A round of applause, please, going up the USA left coast, for...


***** PAUL KRASSNER, author of _Confessions of a Raving Unconfined
Nut_, now in paperback, and editor of _The Realist_.

***** MOTHER ZOSIMA! Singing psychiatric survivor nuns were never
like this! Now performing her way through law school so she and her
friends will escape psychiatry forever!

***** WAVY GRAVY, clown, founder of the April 1 annual First Church
of Fun in 1975, author of _Something Good for a Change_! (Thanks for
announcing this campaign at Woodstock's 25th Anniversary, Wavy!)

***** BISHOP JOEY (aka Ed Holmes of the San Francisco Mime Troupe)
who is leading San Francisco's annual St. Stupid's Day Parade.

***** JELLO BIAFRA, prankmaster! Jello turns newts to lard with his
spoken word albums, via Alternative Tentacles Records!

***** THEODORE ROSZAK actually coined the term "counterculture" 25
years ago, and now nurtures the "ecopsychology" movement in his book
_The Voice of the Earth_.

***** WES "SCOOP" NISKER's newest book _If You Don't Like the News,
Go Out and Make Some of Your Own_ celebrates his Bay Area '60's
underground radio days. (And check out Scoop's book, _Crazy Wisdom_!)

***** KEN KESEY, still merry, still prankster, still part coyote, still
author of _One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest_, still a shock survivor.

***** ARTIS THE SPOONMAN! Soundgarden's recent tribute to Artis,
_Spoonman_, actually healed MTV ... temporarily. Artis asked me to
personally tell you the chemical definition of "normal": "When all the
replaceable nitrogen are replaced."

***** REV. CHUMLEIGH healed many a human, and even a juggler, of
normality at campaign launch date July 10, 1994 at the 25th
anniversary of the counterculture mecca, Oregon Country Fair (at
Community Village's Communications Booth -- see ya!), with his
Shamanic Rubber Chickens, broadcast live on the Internet!

***** Psychiatric survivor film star FRANCES FARMER & revolutionary
ABBIE HOFFMAN *would* have endorsed, if they weren't so-called "dead"!

The U.S.A. left coast will begin the healing transmission when Rev.
Chumleigh performs his incredible underwater escape at Eugene's WOW
Hall April 1, 1995 while emitting a cunning secret impulse onto the
Internet. Other "Celebrity Spokespeople" aren't necessarily on-line, but
their best campaign abnorm-itudes will be posted on the HEALNORM
mailing list, and *your* best posts and questions forwarded to them.



Isn't your computer sending personal messages to *you*, too? Good.
Take these two bananas and e-mail us in the morning:

1. *Join* the Heal Normality campaign! SUBSCRIBE to the free
HEALNORM mailing list. Here's how:

Send e-mail to "majordomo@efn.org" with just the words "subscribe
HEALNORM" in the message body.

You'll receive news about the HEALNORM campaign. And you can
exchange messages with other "Internuts" on this unmoderated list
about your normality healing experiences, what is normal, your
grandiose revolutionary visions, and how can the weird turn pro?

2. *Receive* occasional human rights alerts (like this Dendrite).
SUBSCRIBE to the free DENDRITE mailing list. Here's how:

Send e-mail to "majordomo@efn.org" with just the words "subscribe
DENDRITE" in the message body.

DENDRITE is a low-volume, one-way mailing list: You'll just receive an
action update once or twice a month keeping you in touch with Support
Coalition actions, such as the ZAP BACK campaign to stop forced
electroshock. (Learn the Clinton administration's nervous response!)


"For our dear, dear poster child, Newt... can't you help... PLEASE?"

* * * * * * * SNOWBALL THIS MESSAGE! * * * * * * *


Your manic fanatic compulsive cyber-seeding helps! Also print it out
for people not on the Internet. And while the campaign motto "Heal
Normality Naturally" is copyrighted, you are encouraged to use it ALL
you can for p.c. (psychotically-correct) non-commercial purposes, all
rights reserved. Just tell people how to reach Support Coalition!

Snail-mail: Support Coalition / POB 11284 / Eugene, OR 97440-3484 U.S.A.
24-hour voice mail: (503) 341-0100 - groove on the loons, man
"Off-list" e-mail to Support Coalition main office: chrp@efn.org


DENDRITE neurotransmit 23.nonorm end

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