Mike Diana Movies for Sale! (Warning:Tasteless)

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Date: Tue, 01 Nov 94 12:26:58 PST

Warning! Please do not read this if you are at all
offended by graphic descriptions of sick, vile and generally
cinematic gore! You have been warned!
Mike Diana movies:

Mike is an artist living in Florida who was at the center of a
recent legal controversy surrounding his zine 'Boiled Angel',
which I wrote for. The zine was tasteless in the extreme and was
calculated to be that way with cartoons, collages, news clips and
written work surrounding such subjects as cannibalism, torture,
serial murder, Satanism, rape, dismemberment, necrophilia and
pretty much anything disgusting or vile. Mike was investigated
by the FBI in connection with the Gainesvlle murders for which he
was a suspect at the time (due to Boiled Angel), and was charged
with advertising, publishing and distributing obscene material
and eventually was put on 2 years very restrictive probation and
fined a lot of money. The case is under appeal and Mike is being
represented by the Comic Artists Legal Defense Fund. Around the
time of putting out Boiled Angel, before he got busted, Mike made
some movies using his camcorder. I'm offering copies of two of
the tapes here... Mike has given me permission to sell copies of
these. Half the profits of the sales go to him.

Tape #1: BLOODBROTHERS and SLEAZY LOVE: A Mike Diana double
feature! In BLOODBROTHERS, two brothers (one played by Mike's
younger brother, Matt) live in an old abandoned motel where they
laze about and do yard-long lines of coke and slice themselves
with razorblades. A friend tries to sell them some fake pot and
gets his hand smashed flat, then cut off, and then is stabbed to
death with a small pitchfork. The brothers go on a rampage with
a pick axe and a sledgehammer killing a neighborhood kid by
beating him, handcuffing him to a utility pole, then pulling his
tongue out with a pair of pliers and slicing his eye out. They
come across the decaying body of a dead cat and Matt starts to
hallucinate the other is taunting him with an alligator skull, so
he strangles him to death, then dissects the body and plays with
the entrails and severed genitals! The surviving brother then
goes on to decapitate a woman driver with a serrated scythe,
pausing briefly to admire his handiwork, he then throws the head
into a garbage can and wanders off into the neighborhood.
Finding a pregnant woman lounging in her back yard. He ties her
up and gives her a nonconsentual abortion with a long coat
hanger, licking the blood off the resultant fetus and then
squashing it flat on the concrete. She then gorily stabs him to
death with a bobby pin. But the brother rises again as the new
Christ! and she bows at his feet pledging eternal devotion. The
new Christ gives her an injection of heroin and she trips heavily
and the movie ends as she prepares to mutilate herself with a
razor blade. 40 Minutes.
In SLEAZY LOVE: The tender love story of a young boy and
his corpse. Starring Daisy the Dog!! One morning Matt wakes up
and plays with Daisy, spitting in her mouth and then destroying
his Hot Wheels(tm) collection with a hatchet and performs an
unholy Mass complete with Frosted Lucky Charms (Daisy chows down
on them too). Outside, Matt spits in Daisy's mouth some more and
then sets off for a walk around the neighborhood. He soon comes
across the bloodied corpse of a woman near the railroad tracks
(that looks suspiciously like a 'Resusci-Annie') and carries her
off, pausing for some smooching, breast fondling and licking on a
neighbor's lawn and then a friendly chat. Then it's onto the
local convenience store where Matt buys his new love some food
and take her to the park for a picnic and a romp on the
playground slides and swings (with real kids' reactions). Then
off to the local Everglade swamp where Matt pets an alligator.
Then it's off to the St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church, where
Matt prays at the foot of a statue of the virgin Mary and shoves
handfulls of Frosted Lucky Charms into his dead girlfriend's
mouth. Back at home, after a heartfelt soliloquy, and after
making a shocking discovery and dissects the corpse, hacking its
face off, stabbing the heart, gouging the eyes, and then finally
setting the genitals on fire with lighter fluid. Back at the
railroad tracks.... Matt finds a new love. Too sick to be
believed. 56 Minutes

Total tape running time: 96 min.

BAKED BABY JESUS: The main feature is a video movie called THE
SECOND CUMMING where Joseph the 2nd gets up one morning and
staggers in the bathroom to take a long leak on a crucifix. He's
then visited by the quadruple pronged UNholy ghost who assfucks
and impregnates him. Afterwards they smoke a cigarette and eat
some moon pies. Soon, Joseph has to give butt-birth and the new
Christ butt-baby is delivered... but it's born dead. It's
Dinnertime! Joseph cooks the dead little tyke in an oven til
it's a golden brown and he and his friend chow down on the corpse
on a picnic bench getting into a 'food fight' with its entrails.
Special appearance by Daisy the Dog eating dogfood out of the
dead baby Jesus' disemboweled and cannibalized stomach. This
also includes a few other features: Hilarious real-life footage
of women bitching at cameraman after car accident. A slice of
vicious Floridian life! "You just about killed me!" "You can't
tape me cuz I'm in the military!" a tour of a cemetary for babies
and Florida firefighters put out an electrical house fire that's
starting in Mike's neighborhood.

Total Tape Running Time: 60 min.

Note--despite the sick descriptions, the movies, most people say,
are quite funny... if you like that sort of thing. They are done
in a cheesy low-budget way (some or the gore effects though are
ALMOST believable at some points) and with a lot of humor with
the actors cracking up half the time and trying NOT to the other
half, with frequent furtive glances to the camera, etc. However,
the tapes are NOT for people who are offended by depravity and
depictions of disgusting acts.

BLOODBROTHERS/SLEAZY LOVE: $29.95 standard grade
$34.95 high grade

BAKED BABY JESUS: $24.95 standard grade
$29.95 high grade


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