(Excerpted from Interim Stark Fist , Summer '94)

rarely covered in the Conspiracy press or found in stores

THE SWINGING LOVE CORPSES cassette tapes $10
After Dr. Philo Drummond left Dallas and Drs. 4 Wotan, he joined with his brother Sphinx and guitarist Rey Hey (and eventually a cast of dozens) to form this beloved acid-disco garage-funk combo (also known as "The Cups", "Goat Family", and ((CENSORED))). Not antimusic! You HAVE to dance to it! These groovy mop-tops will win your hard with their rockin' beat. Teenagers all over America are hanging themselves in the nude after seeing this gropped-out band in concert. Ask for their latest compilation album.
338 Lakewood, Ballwin MO 63011

-- PO Box 1191, Montclair NJ 07042 --
The greatest college radio station in the world, WFMU, now has a mail order business, specializing in the rare and eclectic sorts of music they play, plus books, comics, posters, even the infamous Kooks, Crackpots and Visionaries trading card series. Sleaze music, BADFILM music, unknown legends of rock, classics of bulldada, Byronian Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, rare Plunderphonics, Negativland.

PO Box 20708, Tompkins Sq., NYC NY 10009-8974
-- send $17.95 (postpaid) for the truly POWERFUL anti-drug video, DICK AND JANE DROP ACID AND DIE. The sordid psychedelic tale of two innocent kids falling into the clutches of an evil LSD cult is a potent reminder that the insidious tendrils of this dread chemical octopus can reach out to seize even the purest teen. Many other screamingly funny videos are available from this utterly crazed NYC film/theater ensemble. NYC Subs would do well to check out their theatrical shows at 172 Allen St.

Joe Newman, PO Box 4542, Austin TX 78765-4542
Were you devastated when Zappa died? Don't fret... his heirs carry the banner on, marching straight into the uncomprehending face of Normality with nothing but sheer talent ablaze as a weapon. Joe Newman's technically adroit, violently jazzlike and vehemently anti-conspiracy songs and instrumentals are uniformly STUPEFYING from cassette album to cassette album. (One, Don't Get Charred, Get Puffy, is on CD also.) The sarcasm level and pure soaring musical SKILL demonstrated here will reaffirm your will to live, or at least to HATE. Ask for his price list... ALL the tapes are great; I'm partial to the latest, Enhanced Florence Henderson, for personal reasons (I'm on it). Bowling for Appliances is another of his finest albums, containing the astounding pre-SubGenius anthem, The Fog & The Dew. Bootlegging Joe Newman off Hour of Slack isn't enough. No SubGenius home should be without the full Joe Newman collection! Send $6 per tape, or die trying not to!

VILLAGERS, the new CD from this GOD of Normal-Hating, Musicologist-Impressing, SubGenius-Inspiring music, is only $15 from King of the Pacific, PO Box 1141, Santa Monica, CA 90406-1141. Actually, just about any album by Zoogz will cause the headphones to clamp down on one's skull with demonic force, squishing it like an eggshell.

PO Box 505, Bloomingdale, IL 60108
-- ask for their catalog. The compilation CD PASSED NORMAL 6 & 7 offers samples of the many offbeat bands they handle. Cheap prices on weird music -- Zappa, Sun Ra, Pere Ubu etc.

Negativmailorderland, 109 Minna #391, San Francisco CA 94105
After having their very lives almost destroyed by Island Records, U2 and SST Records, these valiant Audio Slackmasters and creators of their own medium have not only tenaciously pumped out ASTOUNDING new album after album (much of the material taken from their radio shows), but have formed their own "record company co-op" to help themselves and other artists get distribution without a single record company vampire involved. Send SASE for updated catalog and then buy all of it before the Con figures out a new way to screw everything up again.

, "HURT 'IM REAL BAD" cassette tape -- $6 from Janor Hypercleats, 8701 Evergreen, Little Rock, AR 72207. For those who "know" Janor, no explanation required; for those who don't, none possible. Technically FUCKED, but sociologically INDISPENSABLE. SOUTHLAND CORPORATION is Janor's new band; ask if the "SOUTHLAND CORPORATION STUDIO ALBUM" is "out" yet and say to send that instead, if it is. It FUCKIN' ROOLZ MAJORLY!!

(In English) Sverre H. Kristensen, Godthabsvej 18A, DK-7400 Herning, DENMARK, has so damn much SubGenius and Sub-like art, tapes, and video available, you'll have to hit him up for his list. (Great Manson collection here.) He's just finished a BRAIN-CREAMINGLY POTENT video about the Church, "SOMETHING NEW TO DIE FOR," available only in the European PAL format -- no kidding, it makes ARISE look like DRAGNET. All European Subs should write him for info.

RECORDS, CDs AND TAPES available from Bill T. Miller, Box 221, Boston MA 02123.... or CALL (617) LICK OBE.
Ask for catalog of his many "Kings of Feedback" and "Out of Band Experience" albums and EPs -- Negativland-like mixes and "songs" ripping both the Enemy's Pinkness, and your fossilized aural pathways, to shreds. Only $3 (!!) for cassette, KINGS OF FEEDBACK (heaviest of SG material)... you'll FLIP & SLIP. $10 for jam-packed CD with the best of both OBE and Kings of Feedback.

-- cassette tape album by The New Improved Jook Savages. Blistering ranting/music... not for the wimp-hearted. You haven't heard 'em even on college radio because there's so much cussing in the lyrics, but once you get this tape you'll illegally dupe copies of it for ALL your friends. NOT what you're expecting. Blows other "angry rappers" out of the water. Republicans and Limbaugh-drones WON'T like it. $5 for the tape from Holy Funk, Box 2329, San Anselmo, CA 94979.

SEND $5 for a tape to each of the following, NOW!! DO NOT HESITATE NOR QUESTION THIS COMMAND. They are HOUR OF SLACK superstars.

PO Box 288, Springwater NY 14560
True mutant blues!

PO Box 9152, Virginia Beach, VA 23450
The most crazed ranting since the Hypercleats!

- 1643 Lee Rd. #9, Cleveland Hts., OH 44118; 216-932-5421
ACE is the noble Association for Consciousness Exploration. They sponsor many types of events & festivals; these are tapes of their guest speakers and various musical groups. Loads of lively rants by Dr. Timothy Leary & Robert Anton Wilson; also Bob Shea, Harvey Wasserman, Ian Corrigan, Church of All Worlds, Isaac Bonewits as well as several uncut SubGenius devival rants by Rev. Ivan Stang (which we don't sell). Electronic music by Ron Slabe, plus many festival drumming tapes and songs by Vicky Ganger (Sr. Melodious Chopps), Ian Corrigan & others. Mountains of tapes on "spirituality," "paganism" and "magick," too - but don't let that deter you.

We could go on and on with these listings, forever; and we will.

This is as good a place as any to mention that a great Soul recently passed on to Asgard, home of all SubGenius Heroes. St. Bob Shea, known to SubGenii primarily as co-author of the great Illuminatus trilogy, and a really nice guy, was freed from Earth Farm One this year. (We assume you've already heard the bad news about Zappa, Fellini, Bill Hicks(the MESSIAH), Jack Kirby, etc. etc.) Helping to fill up the vacancy, however, are the huge litters of new Yetinsyny recently recently whelped by such Apostelary SubGenius teams as Philo & Cookie Drummond, Hellswami and Hellswoman Satellite & Joyce Weavers, and Sts. Martin & Kate Baker (& no doubt others who didn't tell us). The rest of you -- GET BUSY! (But don't deviate from the Breeding Program! JUST SAY NO TO HUMANS!!!)

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