Romp and Frolic in the Apocalypse

From: fr083@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Ken Eric Moskwa)
Date: 18 Feb 1995 05:55:46 GMT

Romp and Frolic in the Apocalypse is the most economical weapon
you can have for information warfare. It's designed to deprogram
the latent mutants and annoy the hell out of the bland normals!
We cover topics like, Censoship and Mass Hypnosis, and arguments
proving the truth itself to be a cheap myth. We print 6 issues a
year, and charge a Dollar an issue to send them to your doorstep.
YES, for a mere six bucks you can have the ultimate psycological
tool\torment device sent to you as a small but intense tabloid.
So why not? try us out for a year, you'll never be quite the same.
Make checks and money orders payable to: Aaaragon Publishers
PO Box 770847 Lakewood,Oh. 44107. Subscribe today, befor all is

For those who respond before March 1st, we'll send a
special Romp mini poster with your first mailing. SO WHAT ARE YOU

AND HE'S RIGHT!! ROMP & FROLIC is a fine little tabloid weirdo mag of
indefinable content that stands as a testament to THE LITTLE GUY biting
back at the sluggish Beast of the Pink. Not only that but the editor is a
real real nice feller. Cleveland inhabitants should go by THE FLYING LEMUR
BOOKSTORE in Lakewood and just hang out, with Romp & Frolic and with Steve
the owner. Drink coffee and read ReSearch books you couldn't afford to buy.
I did this very thing just last week -- hung out. Me and Lonesome Cowboy
Dave, my Shordurpersav. I learned that the BEST time to hang out at the
Flying Lemur is when school's getting out, about 3:30. There are a bunch of
high school girls who come by and moon over Steve, who is "cute." They want
him to be their Charlie Manson. He just wants to sell them coffee and books
and keep them off the mean streets. You can go in there and help him steer
those girls to the right path. YOU can be their Charlie. And you can hang
out. It's the coolest hang-out ever. Except that you can't smoke. Cleveland
Subs -- don't wuss out. Do it. If you're lucky, you might even catch a
glimpse of Princess Wei R. Doe, Queen of ALL the UFOs.

I've been in many cities during the last few years, and of all places,
Cleveland has come to seem one of the coolest. But maybe I should shut up
about it, lest I help make it another Seattle. AIEEE.


Subject: Re: Romp and Frolic in the Apocalypse
From: (Lou Duchez)

In article <3j3cns$>, (SubGStang1) wrote:
> I've been in many cities during the last few years, and of all places,
> Cleveland has come to seem one of the coolest. But maybe I should shut up
> about it, lest I help make it another Seattle. AIEEE.

Well, not to be too contrary, but Cleveland has a dark underbelly ... or
more like, there is a bright underbelly (us) to the dark beast. The sad
fact is, you can't find a city that is more under Conspiracy control than
Cleveland. Funds are regularly diverted from the poor and from children
to line the pockets of Cleveland's richest businessmen. There aren't
enough policemen on the street and they can't open the pools in summer,
yet UDAG grants are used to build luxury hotels downtown. And the papers
naturally paint a happy picture of "gee, isn't that publicly-funded
privately-owned tax-abated new stadium swell". There's an intensely high
poverty rate and some economists see Cleveland as beyond the point of
economic recovery, and the powers-that-be are redoubling their efforts
if anything. And the people just don't get it.

(Mind you, the suburb of Berea is God's Own Country ...)

But maybe that's why the SubGenial / "alternative" nature stands out.
The End Times hit in Cleveland years before the rest of the country,
and the Con is looking more threadbare than ever to those with any
discernment. I'd hate to think that things need to get this bad
before people start catching on, but that's the general pattern of
things, isn't it. Oh well, perhaps that's the silver lining of
the Contract On America.

Lou DuChez ExchangeNet - Fine Internet services in Cleveland! FTP, Telnet, WWW, Internet Email, Usenet, Gopher, etc.

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